Behavioural Analysis and Rehabilitation Consulting Services

 Rehabilitation Consulting ServicesThere are a myriad of issues that are often faced by both large and small organizations and companies in today’s fast paced and sometimes hectic world. Most are just the paces of an everyday routine and business carries on, whilst others are not. Some of these other areas include an alarming increase in incidents which involve Bullying or Mobbing, Inappropriate Conduct, Workplace Harassment and of course the ever prevailing issues around Workplace Violence.

Local, national and international attention to these workplace problems has identified a larger portion of the community, outside of the normal work force, who are also affected by these issues, they include: schools at all levels and children of all ages, amateur sports organizations, volunteer organizations and many others. In order to combat the growing tide of occurring and reoccurring violations in human interactions, many governments stepped up and invoked sweeping changes to their laws and legislation that cover areas such as Occupational Health & Safety, etc. These laws were designed to strengthen the protection of workers from workplace violence and address workplace harassment.

The new legislation such as that which is in place within the Canadian Province of Ontario, dictates that employers must proactively assess the risks of workplace violence. In addition, measures and procedures to control these risks must be included in a workplace violence prevention program, as well as on-going employee training.

Before a company can begin taking steps to prevent and ultimately eliminate workplace violence, they must fully understand it. In doing so, some critical questions must first be answered, such as: Why certain individuals resort to violence or inappropriate behaviour?

Who is most likely to become violent or act out? And what are the warning signs for identifying such behaviours? Only once the answers to these questions have been determined and comprehended by all, will an organization be able to successfully establish an effective plan for the prevention of workplace violence and unwanted behaviours.

Understanding human behaviour and assessing the potential for aggression can be an immensely difficult task. Making determinations as to whether or not an individual will engage in any form of inappropriate approach behaviour is best understood by analyzing current and past actions, including all communications, relationships, motives, triggers and rationale.

Once these initial areas are explored and examined, a clearer picture begins to take focus towards the reasons why some people behave the way that they do. From this stage, recorded documentation and analysis can be used to formulate “red flags” which will allow an organization to recognize, identify and prevent future incidents from occurring.

Finally, recognition must be given to timely victim services and a successful rehabilitation process for eligible offenders, whether it is for one individual’s needs and concerns or for a particular group of people who are working together in an unharmonious manner. Further, alternative forms of corrective behavioural treatment, implementation of sound policies and procedures, including the intervention of a learned specialist should be sought.

G. P. Ospreay & Associates is proud to have as an Associate with us Ms. Nicole Martin, B.Soc. Sc. (Crim), SGCFP (Hons), PSR (Hons). Nicole is an expert in Behavioural Analysis and Rehabilitation Consulting, who will work with your organizations Management, its Security and or Investigation divisions, Crisis Management Team, Human Resource Department and a full network of potential outside resources such as Social Services, Health & Psychology Professionals, and Law Enforcement Agencies in order to identify a company’s risk and potential areas of liability as it relates to the unwanted actions of an individual or group. And then assist in setting out goals, corrective action and staff training.