Have I Been Hacked?

Cyber criminals do their best work when they remain invisible to their victims. In fact, the majority of hackers target their prey without being detected.

Why Do Men and Women Cheat?

Cheating is strikingly common in today’s society. Rates of infidelity are the highest they’ve been in human history.

Easter Cyber Scams to Avoid

With Easter weekend right around the corner, Investigation Hotline advises you to be extra cautious and mindful of cyber crime.

The Cost of Insurance Fraud

As an average citizen who pays for insurance, the last thing you want is for your insurance rates to increase.

Ethics Within The Private Investigative Industry

Throughout the last few decades, Investigation Hotline has witnessed and heard hundreds of stories and feedback about other investigative agencies in the Greater Toronto Area.

Prevalence of Infidelity in Canada

Investigation Hotline’s team of experienced private detectives routinely investigate cases of infidelity across Canada.

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