Infidelity is a common topic. Everywhere you look, whether it’s at a TV or newspaper, you see cheating scandals and shocking stories. Some of the most publicized instances of infidelity spawn out of the entertainment industry, where the latest celebrity break up makes headlines. Although people tend to enjoy digesting stories of cheating, it’s a totally different story when you experience it first hand. Below is a list of the top ten shocking statistics about infidelity.

  1. All men cheat, right?
    Contrary to common belief, infidelity does not RUN rampant amongst men. Data suggests that only 21% of men have ever been unfaithful to their partner or significant other.
  2. Women are faithful, aren’t they?
    Statistically speaking, women are slightly less likely to cheat than men. 15% of women acknowledge having an affair in their history.
  3. Men would cheat if they knew they’d get away with it, wouldn’t they?
    It seems that fear of getting caught in the act is a pretty strong deterrent for men, with 74% admitting that they’d step out on their partner if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.
  4. What about women? Would they behave similarly?
    Perhaps surprisingly, yes. 68% of women admit they would cheat on their partner if there was no chance of their significant other finding out.
  5. Do men cheap because they are unhappy with the relationship?
    Quite surprisingly, 56% of husbands that had an affair admitted that they were happy with their marriages. It seems that there may be other motivations at play here.
  6. What about women? Do they cheat because they’re unhappy?
    Much less women reported they were satisfied with their relationship when committing infidelity. 34% of women claimed to be satisfied with their partner.
  7. Once a cheater, always a cheater?
    Statistics seem to suggest that this is true. Men reported cheating as a “one-off” 23% of the time, while women said that only 17% of them were not serial cheaters.
  8. What sex of cheater commits infidelity more frequently?
    Data suggests that women commit infidelity more frequently than men. When asked if they’ve cheated between two to five times, 36% of women admitted to it compared to 33% of men.
  9. How many times do cheaters, cheat?
    Looking purely at quantity, women are the worst culprits for committing acts of infidelity. 47% of female cheaters report doing the behaviour at least six or more times. Men, on the other hand, ring in at 44%.
  10. Do finances factor into why people cheat?
    Comparing the two sexs, the story is a little different. Women who depend on their husbands financially are 50% less likely to stray, while men were least likely to cheat when their wife earned 75% of their income or less.

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