In recent years, largely in part to the rise of social media, cyber harassment has become more prevalent. There are numerous forms of this type of harassment, which could include cyber bullying and cyber stalking. While news outlets tend to report on incidents related to tweens and teens engaging in these behaviours, what they tend to not mention is cyber harassment can happen to anyone, regardless of their age or gender.

  1. Secure your social media accounts and control access to your online content. Unfortunately, many people do not take the time to review the security and access settings on their social media accounts. In many cases, the default settings allow others to openly view your content and even reply to posts, sometimes anonymously.
  2. If you would not share something about your life with others in real life, do not post it online. It is amazing to see the number of people, who use social media as their personal journals where they share every aspect of their personal lives online. If there is something you want to share with others online, rather than posting it, send them a private message or email instead.
  3. Avoid providing too much personal information in your social media profiles. You do not have to list your birthday, where you work or where you live in your profiles. Posting this information makes it easy for someone to learn more about you.
  4. For parents, monitor your children’s social medial accounts. It is not uncommon for parents to have no idea how many social media accounts their tweens and teens have at any given time. When there are issues with cyber bullying and harassment, parents are often the last ones to find out.
  5. Recognize the signs of harassment. If you notice strange posts in your social media feeds or other signs that seem harassing, hurtful, or hateful, recognize them for what they are and never respond to them. Most cyber bullies take pleasure in the pain and suffering they cause their victims.

What If I Am Already Being Harassed Online?

There are several things you can do to address current cyber harassment. The first thing is to never take matters into your own hands, as this could hurt the potential for legal action against the offender. Never agree to meet with the harasser in person, as this could indicate an escalation in their behaviour and puts you at risk.

In order to gather the evidence you need to file a complaint with local law enforcement agencies, it is highly recommended to consult with a Toronto private investigation agency, like Investigation Hotline. Our private investigators have the experience, tools, and technology to gather the necessary evidence legally to protect your interests and ensure the information can be used against the offender for legal actions, including court proceedings.

Once sufficient evidence has been gathered, we will work with you and local law enforcement to help you file for a restraining order. In addition, the information and evidence we gather could be provided to the Crown so they can initiate criminal harassment charges against the offender.

If you are being harassed or bullied online, contact Investigation Hotline today by calling 416-205-9114 to arrange a complimentary consultation appointment and discover how we can help you.

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Jennifer Schneider
2 weeks
A serious error in judgment on my behalf has put me at risk of ID theft. During a phone call I supplied personal info to someone who I believed was with Revenue Canada. Immediately after I realized I had fallen for the CRA scam. Shame on me!  Since the incident I've been frantically taking steps to fend off the dire repercussions that such a mistake can have. This has included: Filing a police report, Filing a report with the Canada Anti Fraud center, Adding flags to my bank accounts, Putting up Fraud alerts on the 2 main credit bureau's. I've even purchased some Identity theft tracker software to monitor my info. I contacted Investigation hotline to see if there was any additional measures I could take. The agent applauded me on the steps I had already taken. They also had knowledge about the CRA phone scam itself that helped settle my nerves somewhat. With all the fear and anxiety I've been enduring for the last while it was assuring to speak with someone familiar with the actual risk potential.
Jennifer Schneider
1 month
I called investigation hotline after I provided somebody a home renovation and they refused to pay, I tried to bring them to court- hired a lawyer and found out I was given false information on the contract. After speaking with Mitch and explaining my situation I felt that he sincerely cared about my case and was quick to find out the information I needed. Within a couple of days, he had all the information I needed. I could not thank Mitch enough. I would highly recommend investigation hotline to anybody as I feel they are experts in the field and act fast and work efficiently. I felt that Mitch had a deep understanding of what I was going through and was empathic and understanding. I could not thank him enough and will be using this service again if needed. Kaitie S
Jennifer Schneider
1 month
I needed help with fining out some information to bring somebody to court. Within a day I had everything I needed to fill out the court papers. I could not thank Mitch and his team enough. I am so glad I stumbled across investigation hotline. I highly recommend contacting Mitch if your looking for this type of service.
Jennifer Schneider
2 months
Apr 02, 2018 I needed an investigator on Sunday Easter Week End. No one cared about the situation except this Company. The investigator was dispatched to the location without minutes. did not care about the Money to be prepaid or secured. The investigator took it personal. He felt of my situation and Specially when it came to my kids issues. My Ex-wife was cheating in a hotel north east of Toronto. He Located her within 1/2 Hour. This a true story; I never thought Investigator cared about the situation but the money.. This company did not care about the money, they finished the job, send me the invoice and i Paid him more than what he asked for. Sometimes money does not mean any thing to some one wants to get a load off his back and find the truth about his wife,,,, FOR SURE THIS COMPANY TOOK A HUGE LOAD OFF MY BACK. THANK YOU SO MUCH JOE MICHIGAN
Jennifer Schneider
6 months
All I can say is that the team at Hotline Investigation is absolutely amazing. They are genuine and care about helping you out in anyway they can! They do their best to ensure the best results. I cannot thank them enough for fixing my situation! The Investigation Hotline is the best choice.
Jennifer Schneider
8 months
Mitchell and his team of Investigators are an really extraordinary professionals. In less than 5 hours after first discussing with Mitchell about my case, Mitchell and his team had solved my case and I got the information I've been searching for some time. I want to emphasize that I am from Serbia and the person who I try found lives in Canada. I really surprised with Mitchell and his team how they quickly my case was solved. I'm really grateful to Mitchell and his team and I do not know what to add yet, thank you, thank you and guys are the best.
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