Confidential Investigation Services

Investigator Approach & Intelligence Method

Confidential Investigation ServicesTo provide our Confidential Investigation Services, we use our proven methodology. We take the time to understand your objectives and provide a solution. Our investigations are conducted under the guidance of counsel to protect the integrity of the investigation and are conducted with absolute discretion, confidentiality and compliance with all applicable laws.


1. Analysis

  • Define client concerns
  • Assess client concerns
  • Develop work plans
  • Set process and resolution schedule Commit resources

2. Case Strategy

  • Examine existing information and
identify key issues & supporting evidence
  • Seek out & discover missing information
  • Plan selective research
  • Identify & interview key individuals

3. Intelligence Gathering

  • Assimilate key evidence
  • Assess financial & other evidence
  • Network & profile model
  • Assist lawyers with discovery
  • Review preliminary findings
  • Assess ongoing case strategy with client

4. Reporting

  • Interpret findings & their implications
  • Challenge underlying assumptions
  • Prepare summaries, schedules, charts & graphs
  • Reporting on opinion(s), relevant findings & supporting data
  • Assemble & present relevant documents

5. Resolution

  • Evaluate alternative findings
  • Assist with negotiation & settlement
  • Develop materials to assist in council
  • Prepare demonstrative aids
  • Prepare expert evidence

Confidentiality & Protection

We recognize that client / investigator confidentiality, personal information and privacy are serious ethical concerns. Investigation Hotline prides itself on strict adherence to the safeguarding of information obtained throughout all phases of our investigation, and the highest priority within our organization. Before the release of any and all information, serious thought is given to the societal consequences of the release of information. Individual rights & obligations pertaining to both clients & subjects are identified & respected from first contact through to the final report.

Rate Guide  (subject to change)

SurveillanceActivity \ Background CheckFinancial \ Asset IdentificationForensic: Investigations, Security consulting, Identification of Communications
$85.00 /hr / investigator$85.00 /hr + disbursements$85.00/hr + disbursements$200/hr + travel + disbursements
$ 0.50 /klm$ 0. 50/klm