Internal And Employee Theft Investigations

Employee Theft InvestigationMost business owners have concerns about their staff, suppliers and contractors as well as how their business is perceived in the public eye. Internal thefts or sabotage can add up to huge losses in revenues. The way your suppliers and contractors conduct business can also have a negative impact on your businesses brand. It can be beneficial to all businesses to evaluate the performances of their staff and associates utilizing a private investigation technique more commonly known as “Secret Shopper”.

Our investigation service can help business owners and managers acquire all of the facts necessary to make impactful decisions that will inevitably affect their organization’s bottom line. Whether dealing with issues such as; fraud, thefts, sabotage or employee drug use, etc. almost all businesses will suffer losses associated with one or a combination of these problems.

The quicker these issues are discovered, the more swiftly they can be dealt with to limit the loss and liability exposure to your bottom line. Investigation Hotline can provide you with a timely, accurate and discreet investigation that will help answer some of the important questions you may be asking yourself.

Utilizing interaction and direct observation techniques, our experienced internal investigators can obtain detailed information on problem areas within your company. Our corporate and internal investigation services can uncover issues such as:

  • Internal Theft
  • Poor Safety Practices
  • Pilferage
  • Employee Negligence
  • Sabotage
  • Competitor Interference
  • Substance Abuse
  • Information Thefts
  • Time Wastage and Time Theft
  • Systems Abuse
  • Low Morale

At the end of our investigation, we can help you to develop a list of the policies and procedures that define, regulate and inform how you and your organization operate.

Every organization should have the policies in place that coherently explain how they will deal with issues when they arise and to show that all employees will be treated in a fair and consistent way.