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Events and situations can occur that are beyond our control. A spouse may cheat, we may find ourselves in the middle of a custody battle, or have to try and prove that an online crime has taken place. These unfortunate situations can happen to the best of us. With the help of Investigation Hotline, you don’t have to be a victim. We are the best private investigator service in Mississauga  providing industry leading services since 1988.

Expert Personal Private Investigator Services Mississauga

With a population of 713,443, Mississauga is the sixth largest city in Canada. It is home to the country’s busiest airport and the locations of many corporate headquarters. If you work for one of those companies or are a private citizen looking for guidance with any of the fields listed below, we can help. Investigation Hotline is the leading high-end private investigation consulting firm in Ontario.

We are your number one resource for expert, detailed and discreet private investigation services in any of the following:

Trust, Legality and Professionalism

Our diverse team of experts range from Investigators, Forensic Examiners and Security Specialists who use the latest intelligence gathering methods and techniques to process exhaustive reports that go above and beyond court standards, should legal proceedings be required.

Through the latest tracking technology and digital practices, we are able to operate as a team or individually, depending on what the case dictates. We use discretion and legal means to adhere to industry standards so you can rest assured that our clients’ needs are properly and professionally met.

At Investigation Hotline, we understand that each case is unique and do treat each client with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our services are personalized and we stand by the feeling that no case is too big or too small. Additionally, we have a worldwide reach that allows us the means to tackle multifarious international cases that extend far beyond Mississauga.

Corporate, Personal or Domestic

As a Mississauga resident you are entitled to your rights and if you feel like they have been violated, our intelligence gathering services will ensure that you have the adequate details and facts to back up your claim. No matter if you contact Investigation Hotline as a corporate entity, for a personal issues or a domestic situation, we have the resources to allow you to make informed decisions, or seek legal remedy if applicable.

With our forensic investigation capabilities we can deal with everything from custody issues to business affairs. We possess the legal and scientific knowledge to discover the facts and admissible evidence needed for each case. Whether your case is corporate, personal or domestic, we offer discretion and will not violate your confidence no matter what may arise during our investigation.

We are Ontario’s leading private investigators. Contact Investigation Hotline for our expert and confidential personal service.

Private Investigator Services Mississauga