Threatening And Anonymous Communication Analysis

Anonymous CommunicationsIn today’s society, corporations are often finding themselves in a position of having to address the growing incidence of direct or indirect workplace violations by members of their internal workforce and sometimes from those on the outside. Further, recent legislative changes have made the penalties and liability risk to companies and individual managers, much higher than they have ever been before.

One area which is often prevalent and misunderstood in many organizations is the distribution and receiving of anonymous and or threatening communications. Such communications come in many forms and can be submitted or perpetrated by either known and or unknown individual(s) or groups. In either case there exists a duty of care for management to fully investigate and protect its employees from such unwanted workplace or personal violations.

Anonymous and threatening communications can be a particular problem for any security department or investigator agency. The types of communications received and the motivations behind such messages are varied. But all have the potential to create dissension in a business organization, undermine the structure of an established career or disrupt the harmony of a home and human relationships.

Utilizing expert skills in the areas of forensic document examination, stylistic and linguistic analysis, coupled with risk assessment evaluations, G.P. Ospreay & Associates can be of assistance to your organization by identifying the perpetrator and the various types of anonymous & threatening communications, those received both internally or externally, including drawings, doodles, graffiti tags and gang or criminal related signs and markings.