Forensic Investigation Services Toronto

Forensic Investigation Services



Forensic Investigation Services Toronto

Forensic Investigation Services Toronto

Virtually every aspect of society is governed by the issue, exchange and reliance upon documents for personal, legal, commercial, educational and governmental obligations. Sometimes situations arise where the validity of such documents, their content, genuineness of authorship or possession history can become an issue. Qualified document examiners can reveal alterations, additions and deletions made to documents. They can also establish the identity of the person, or persons, responsible for creating handwritten entries and signatures.

When known handwritings are presented for comparison purposes, opinions can be given that identify the questioned writings as being the same as the writer of known samples, that the questioned writings are not from the known writer, or that there is insufficient data to form an opinion. This service has applications for cases that involve numerous types of suspect documents, questionable handwritten entries and signature identifications.

A counterfeit is an unauthorized copy of a product, its packaging or its logo and is intended to deceive or defraud both consumers and manufacturers. Not being subject to stringent government testing, counterfeits can also be hazardous to public health and safety by failing to meet expectations for safety, quality and durability.

Forensic Investigations

Counterfeiting & Forgery encompasses many aspects in society including artworks, antiquities, collectables, diplomas, certificates, identification documents, manufactured parts & wares, consumer products, sport & entertainment memorabilia, etc. G.P. Ospreay & Associates, an expert in Forensic Investigations, brings a record of success in identifying counterfeit products and fraudulent activities.

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