Asset Investigations

An asset check, asset search, or asset investigation is the process of locating public records that can be used to confirm real estate or personal property currently being held by a corporate entity or third party. Asset investigations typically require a nationwide search of any available public record that can be used to confirm the existence of personal property. When properly conducted, the search can assist in uncovering potential liabilities tied to any property.

Investigation Hotline asset check company can complete the investigation in numerous ways. All these ways focus on piecing together information to form a person’s or company’s financial puzzle.

Normally, the asset investigators will include a background check, surveillance work, and business, or financial background check, depending on why you need this check done.

An investigator will work by establishing and uncovering the kinds of collectible assets owned by an individual. Whether it is an individual or business being investigated, our investigators will also assist in establishing your likelihood of getting money in the event that this investigation heads to court. The asset check investigator will also inform you of how secure the assets in question are.

Why Work with Investigation Hotline Asset Tracing Services?

If you’re looking to recover assets, Investigation Hotline should be your first and final stop. We are a leading agency that provides asset verification services to customers in need. Our services have been designed to encompass identification and location of individually or company-owned assets such as bankruptcies and defaults, real estate property, liabilities such as tax liens and civil litigations, income sources, business ownership interests, and motor vehicles.

A professional look at each case assists in finding additional relevant information that is then used as part of the investigative report. If you need any supporting information, this can be provided on request. Many instances will require fieldwork to be carried out as a way of verifying current findings, as well as gathering any needed information. Normally, it will be recommended that you have a comprehensive asset search carried out on any matter that involves hidden assets, missing assets, or multiple debtors.

Benefits Associated with Investigation Hotline Asset Investigations

When you engage our services for asset investigation, here are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

Debt Collections

Attorneys that are representing a deceased person’s estate may have to assist executors in satisfying their needs through due diligence, which will in many cases involve finding the deceased’s assets. Additionally, an attorney may need to locate assets that have been hidden or left undisclosed. Undisclosed assets are often crucial in many divorce proceedings during pretrial investigations. Other cases that may necessitate an asset check to be carried out include:

  • Divorce cases
  • Personal injury cases
  • Collection of unpaid child support
  • Motor vehicle cases
  • Compliance with business due diligence

Do you need an asset investigation? If you own or control your own business, you may need to have an asset check performed to verify the financial state of potential business partners. Investigation Hotline investigators will ensure that your investigation is completed on time and that all vital information obtained as a result of the investigation remains confidential. Contact us today!

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