Bug Sweeps

We live in the age of technology, and it has greatly changed our lives. Technology has influenced our way of life in a big way, but it has both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the technology used to watch and monitor people illegally has improved a great deal since the late 60s. Today, ill-willed people looking to watch and monitor the activities of others have a lot of options to choose from vis-à-vis eavesdropping devices.

If someone bugged your office, there’s a very good chance of you not finding out if you have no reason to think that someone would want to steal any information from you. But let’s not be naive, this is the age of information. People will eavesdrop to steal sensitive information which they will then use against you or your company.

Bug Detection

Anyone can be interested in stealing this type of information from you. It could be your business partner, your competitors, an aggrieved employee, or even a spouse. Once sensitive company information is out there, there’s no telling how it will be used. Your competitors, if they successfully eavesdrop, will learn about your business strategy and use that information to frustrate your business growth strategies.

Disgruntled former employees and spouses can use sensitive information to win a legal battle that will result in the massive financial losses. Companies such as Investigation Hotline have continually invested in the latest technologies to sweep for bugs and find new listening devices and cameras. Our mission to ensure that no one uses surveillance devices and wiretapping to access unauthorized information.

Why Work with Us?

Investigation Hotline provides professional bug detection and bug sweeping services to individual, departments, governments, and organizations in Canada. Debugging, or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), is technical and physical countermeasure survey used to find illicit eavesdropping, bugging, and other types of illegal surveillance devices. Bug sweeping is what we do best at Investigation Hotline. Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • We have many years of experience in bug detection and detecting eavesdropping devices.
  • Investigation Hotline is a reputable company; we deliver real results wherever we go.
  • Our bug sweeping equipment and techniques, as well as bug sweeps services, will give you the peace of mind you need to be productive in your office.

Technical eavesdropping has negative effects, whether it’s an individual or a company. It can lead to corporate espionage and losses amounting to millions of dollars. If you suspect that someone has bugged your office, give us a call and our able team, with our high-end TSCM equipment, will sort that out for you.

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