Cell Phone & Computer Forensics

Have you recently lost your cellphone data? Do you need to access data from an old phone?

Are you in law enforcement and need to access data on the phone to help with your case? We are here to help!

Why Use our Cell Phone & Computer Forensic Services?

Our computer forensics investigators are experts in data recovery from personal digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. We often work with law enforcement agencies in recovering GPS and location data, text messages, and deleted emails for use in ongoing cases. To our experienced forensic experts, no device is inaccessible. Whether dealing with a Windows gadget like the Surface, Apple products like iPads and iPhones, or the more common Android phones and tablets, any data you need can be retrieved for you.

In situations where your Hi-Tech Crime unit is unable to analyze an exhibit, our forensic examiners will be able to analyze and deliver the evidence in a sound manner in compliance with federal guidelines. Our team at Investigation Hotline has worked with several police forces across the country. We have been able to provide cellphone forensics services to all these police forces.

Benefits of Working with Investigation Hotline Computer Forensics Company

Here are some of the benefits we offer regardless of your Data Recovery/ Computer Forensics/Cell Phone Forensics needs:

GPS Location Data Mapping/ Mobile Device Forensics

Our team of forensic cellphone data recovery experts can assist in retrieving GPS location data from cellphones and smartphones whenever the data is available. Smartphones that have been equipped with GPS capabilities often leave behind data, which can then be reconstructed to form a map that shows where the phone has been. Cellphone networks can also be used to provide information on the cellphone positions.

Cellphone Data Recovery

You can trust us to recover your most critical and sensitive data from your phone. Forensic data recovery involves extracting data from devices that have been damaged in a sound forensic manner. What this means is that this data once extracted can be used as evidence in any court of law. Common data that can be recovered using this method include:

  • Caller id data
  • Call logs
  • Mobile spyware
  • Contact lists
  • All installed software applications
  • Pictures, downloads, and any images that may have been deleted
  • Appointment records and calendars
  • SMS messages including any texts that have been deleted from this device

Hardware Failure and Recovery

As a computer forensics company, we have a team of experts with several years of in-depth knowledge of the functioning of computer software, firmware, and hardware. Our computer forensics services cover all operating systems, and media formats. In addition to hardware recovery, we also have experience dealing with audiovisual data recovery.

Our computer forensics investigators have experience dealing with:

  • Software failures
  • Single hard disk failure
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Multiple hard disk failures

Our specialist engineers operating out of dedicated laboratories have assisted in recovering data that has been used in all types of complex criminal investigations. These are investigations that have resulted in successful prosecutions. Call or visit our offices today and we will assist you in extracting, securing, and presenting your data in accordance with your local legal guidelines.

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