Background Checks & Investigations

You can’t probably escape background checks or investigations if you’re an employer looking to hire new talents, an entrepreneur seeking a business partner, or a spouse looking to take your relationship to the next level. Such relationships require some level of trust and authority, and your prospective candidates must hold the highest levels of moral character.

The only way to achieve that is by taking due diligence and conducting thorough background checks. Of course, the system may not be perfect, but a professional background investigations officer will ensure that your potential spouse, employee, or business partner has no past events that can negatively affect your long-term relationship.

Why conduct a background check?

Some of the situations that may require background investigations include:

  • Hiring new employees
  • Making an investment
  • Taking on a new tenant
  • Proposing to your fiancée
  • Hiring a nanny
  • Electing a public official like a police chief

There is no standard procedure of conducting a background check, but the investigation should be tailored to suit your areas of concern, individual needs, and reasons for finding out more information on the individual or company.

How we conduct a background check

With the advancements in technology, you’ll find hundreds of online platforms offering automated background checks via the internet, but the information they offer is often incomplete or inaccurate.

Investigation Hotline works to verify any information found on the internet and from private sources for validity before providing clients with precise information on the candidate.

Working with Investigation Hotline

Working with Investigation Hotline is the best way to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information you receive. We have designed numerous different background checks solutions for different states with varying levels of depths, tailor-made to suit your specific needs and save you money. We will give you further insight into the candidate’s character through interviews and by conducting due diligence investigations into their personal and professional history.

With a background check, it’s critical to pay attention to the context. For instance, if you’re gearing up for an international merger of companies, the background investigation will be large in scope, and we’ll set up a large team of investigators to work over several weeks.

However, if you’re vetting an applicant to lease a rental property, the scope and cost will be much narrower, and we may assign a single investigator to do the task.

At Investigation Hotline, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best employee background check, spousal background check, pre-employment screening checks, financial and reputational background checks, litigation checks, and business partner and vendors checks. With the skyrocketing rate of divorce across the globe, it’s only fair to give your marriage due diligence by conducting a background check on your fiancee before taking that vow.

Benefits of Working with Investigation Hotline

Regardless of your specific background investigation need, we are your agency of choice. Here are the benefits you’ll draw by working with Investigation Hotline:

  • We offer detailed background information through a team of due diligence investigations and criminal background checks experts to meet your specific needs.
  • We are licensed private investigators and we understand what information is critical to you, so we strive to give accurate, detailed background information no matter where your candidate resides.
  • We are Private Investigators and not a computerized online company.
  • We guarantee timely deliveries that meet your deadlines; not ours.
  • We share with you our sources of information for validity.
  • We allow you to speak with one of our investigators concerning the background check.
  • We furnish you with a detail report of findings.
  • Background investigations are carried out by investigators, not online databases.

We encourage you to give us a call today to discuss your background investigations needs. We will assign you an investigator to explain the background check process and the anticipated results. We uphold utmost confidentiality on any conversations we may have. Whether it’s a criminal background check, employment screening, tenant screening, fiancee screening, or landlords and personal criminal records, we’ve got you covered.

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