Going through a divorce is one of the most devastating experiences in a relationship. While it can result in emotional distress to the partners, the impact is far much worse with children tangled in the middle. It’s normal to get worried about your kids when they visit your ex, considering the spite between both of you. After all, the court arrived on the custodial decision without knowing your side of the truth.

The kids might be too young or too considerate to reveal when they are mistreated. Child custody investigation is the only trusted option at this point. Child custody investigation’s core objective is to observe the well-being and treatment of children by their parents. The unbiased conclusion is then presented to the court as reliable evidence for use in custody evaluations and divorce procedures.

How Investigation Hotline Child Custody Investigation Works

Through surveillance, Investigation Hotline child custody investigators will evaluate how the child is treated and legally document any neglect or abuse witnessed. Concrete evidence is gathered from recordings and potential witness statements.

Vices which affect the child negatively may include drug abuse, reckless driving, criminal activity, and alcohol abuse. Parents are expected to consider the safety of the kids a priority by providing a clean environment, healthy food, and emotional support.

Reasons why Child Custody Investigation is Necessary

Child custody investigation is not always necessary, but you may be in dire need of the services if:

  • Your child's safety is worrying you: In case you cannot trust your spouse with your kids, it’s wise to contact a private investigator to help you prove your allegations. Only tangible and valid proof can move a court’s jury to save your child from further harm.
  • You want to clear your doubts and have peace of mind: It’s obvious that no parent can be at peace when the wellbeing or safety of their child is questionable. If you suspect that your spouse is unfit to take care of your child, you need clarification through child custody investigations.
  • Your spouse has falsely accused you of neglect: This mostly occurs during court divorce cases when one party wants to limit the other party’s access to the kid by manipulating custodial decisions.
  • It’s a requirement of law: In some states, only professional investigators are authorized to conduct such surveillance investigations.

Advantages of Professional Child Custody Investigation

Investigation Hotline is determined to assist in securing a safe environment for your kid. Furthermore, we negotiate for child support financial payments. Seeking our child custody investigations services comes with various benefits. First, it guarantees your own safety since an encounter with your spouse could pose unnecessary confrontations due to misunderstandings.

Investigation Hotline investigators are specially trained to conduct discreet surveillance while posing as anonymous persons. This ensures the clients are secure and the results are not manipulated. Moreover, our investigators are experienced in courtroom procedures and will easily convince the judge to rule in your favor. Avoid taking chances by compromising your spouse’s neglect during your child’s visitation. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your child support investigation.

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