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10 Cheating Red Flags You May Be Overlooking

If you are reading this, chances are you are already having suspicions about your partner. Trusting your partner to remain faithful to you in your relationship can be difficult, especially when they begin to act out of character. Whether your definition of cheating is a physical act, or whether it includes emotional cheating, the impacts can be devastating. It is understandable that you want to get to the bottom of it. There are obvious signs that your partner is cheating, such as taking mysterious phone calls, keeping their phone away from you and spending more and more time at “work”. But check out these cheating red flags that you may be overlooking.

1) Be wary of the subtle changes in your partner’s behaviour. If they are being nicer or more generous than usual, it could be a sign of guilt for cheating on you or not being honest with you.

2) Conversely, if your partner begins to treat you poorly and even accuse you of doing unfaithful things, it could be a sign that they are being unfaithful. They may take these actions to put the spotlight on your discretions instead of their own.

3) If you have to remind your partner of details over and over again, chances are their mind is elsewhere. Being forgetful of meaningful things in your relationship could indicate that their thoughts are too preoccupied with something, or someone, else.

4) Do they carry their gym clothes with them more often than usual? Unless you can verify for sure that they are going to the gym, be wary, as these clothes could be an easy-to-miss red flag.

5) If your partner is suddenly drawing more cash out of the ATM than usual, this is something to be wary of. Using cash decreases chances of a paper trail that could lead you to discovering their affair.

6) Is your partner suddenly showing less interest in going out with you? Have your dates gone from restaurants to take-out food? If they are afraid of being out with you, they could be worried you will run into their new partner.

7) Beware a change in eating habits. People who spend time together develop each other’s habits. Does your partner suddenly want to become vegetarian? Maybe their new partner is one too.

8) Does it seem like you are suddenly using more shampoo than usual? Do you have to stock up on soap or toilet paper more often? This could be a subtle sign that there’s someone else in your house using your supplies.

9) If your partner is suddenly uncomfortable or defensive when you make a romantic gesture, it could be a sign that they feel guilty about their transgressions.

10) Their stories become more and more elaborate. If their regular response to “how was your day?” goes from “fine” to a long laundry list of details, it could be a sign they are covering up their true actions.

Why is your partner cheating on you? Perhaps they lack integrity, or self-esteem. Perhaps they are feeling unfulfilled in their current relationship. Perhaps they are a habitual cheater. Whatever the reason may be, it can be very detrimental to a relationship to accuse your partner of cheating without evidence. A major confrontation of this nature could lead to trust issues and perhaps a termination of the partnership. If you notice some or all of these signs in your partners behaviour, go about it the right way and hire a private investigator to gather the appropriate evidence to determine whether or not your partner is actually cheating.