10 Surprising Facts About Cheating

, , , | 07/04/2019

A tremendous amount of research has been done to study infidelity, as researchers and people around the world seek to understand why and how cheaters engage in immoral acts. All of the uncovered information has helped us advance our understanding but some of the findings are quite odd. Take, for example, a study that found that men who engage in infidelity are more likely to break their penises.

Below are a list of 10 of the most interesting pieces of gossip about cheating brought together from a variety of research sources:

  1. Women believe that men with deep voices are more prone to cheat – This could come as bad news for any men that sound like Barry white. A journal called Personality and Individual Differences proved that women perceive males with deep voices as more likely to cheat. Women were asked to listen to a man’s voice and determine if they were cheaters, and also which they were most attracted to for short-term and long-term flings. The results showed that men with deep voices are more suitable for a quick fling and also more likely to stray from their partner.

  2. Certain people may be genetically predisposed to engage in infidelity – If you’ve ever strayed on a partner, you may have your genes to blame. Research from Binghamton University found that about half of all people with a gene called DRD4, also known as the thrill-seeking gene, were more prone to unfaithfulness and promiscuity.

  3. Republicans are less tolerant of cheating than Democrats – Although political views may not necessarily influence your likelihood to commit adultery, how you react to being cheated on might. In a poll done by The Huffington Post, 14% of Democrats vs only 10% of Republicans said that they would give their partner forgiveness and a second chance if they discovered their loved one was cheating on them.

  4. Adulterers find their spouses more attractive than their flings – Contrary to popular opinion, cheating isn’t all about looks. A dating site called Victoria Mila found that over four thousand of its members found their significant others more attractive than their guilty pleasures.

  5. Males who cheat have a higher likelihood of suffering a heart attack – This one sound a tad ridiculous but University of Florence researchers discovered that sudden heart attacks are more common when a man is cheating with his mistress than if he’s having sex with his spouse. The research did not speculate or find why this is the case, but we suspect it may be the stress and promiscuity of the event that could lead to these severe health complications.

  6. There’s a reason Wednesdays are called “hump days” – Despite the common phrase generally referring to Wednesday being the midway point in the work week, research from Ashley Madison tells us that Wednesday between 5-7pm is the most popular time of the week to engage in infidelity.

  7. Women who grew up with cheating mothers are more likely to cheat – This may not come as a surprise based on the saying “it runs in the family”. Illicit Encounters conducted a survey that showed that 73% of women who admitted to having an affair had mothers that cheated as well. Apparently, the apple really doesn’t fall far from the promiscuity tree.

  8. The newest generation considers flirting online a form of cheating – Watch out and be mindful when sending hearts and wink emojis when you’re in a relationship. Most millennials, according to the website Fusion, consider online flirtations or relationships cheating. As a matter of fact, 82% of those millennials believed this to be the case.

  9. The most popular place for cheaters to eat dinner is at a steakhouse – According to Ashley Madison, forty three thousand of their users frequented steakhouses to smooze their extra-marital partners. On the top of the list were Ruth’s Chris, Morton’s The Steakhouse and The Cheesecake Factory.

  10. Affairs put you at an increased risk of a broken penis – No, we’re not making this up. According to research by Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, affairs may not just break hearts but also penises. He studied sixteen cases of penile fracture and found that half of those men admitted to having an affair. The logic proceeds that men engage in more daring and risky sexual acts with their affairs partners than they would with their spouses, with whom they’ve been together with for many years.

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