7 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

, | 06/10/2019

Life is full of troublesome people. Whether you are an owner of a business or the owner of an apartment building, or even someone who is about to get married, life is full of many uncertainties that could cause you trouble down the line. For the business owner, you may stumble across fraudulent resumes or investment scams. As a lessor, you may come across troublesome tenants. As a newlywed, you could have landed yourself a partner with a history of infidelity, criminal activity or worse.

A private investigator is a professional who you can trust to gain access to information that you may not be able to get your own hands on. The skills, tools and expertise that a PI brings to the table offer a range of services to get you the information or evidence that you need. Presented below is a description of some of the most common reasons people seek out a private investigator.

1) Background Checks. One of a private investigators most common tasks is conducting background checks, which involves collecting information related to employment history, financial records, criminal records, etc. This can be conducting on an individual or a business and can be used to confirm or deny the legitimacy of said person or business.

2) Tenant Screening. This type of screening can be very important when deciding to take on a new tenant to verify their legal status, job, history, and eviction records.

3) Infidelity and Divorce. A PI can be very astute at gathering information on cheating spouses or partners. Surveillance tactics are commonly used to follow the unfaithful spouse to identify their whereabouts and whom they are with. A PI can collect important information during divorce cases including whether the spouse is hiding assets or lying about any important information that gives them a leg up on the case.

4) Corporate Fraud Investigations. Corporate fraud often involves cheating policies, taking advantage of confidential information and/or misrepresenting a service or product. A PI is well versed in digging up the dirt in situations like this.

5) Missing Persons or Property. While the police may be tied up with other cases, a private investigator can dedicate all of their time and effort to locating your missing loved one or property.

6) Fraud Investigations. “Fraud” is the intentional deception intended to damage another or to make unlawful gains. There are many different kinds of fraud including mail fraud, healthcare fraud, credit card fraud, Internet fraud, elder fraud and stolen tax refund fraud.

7) Custody Battles. During custody disputes, a PI can interview key witnesses, assist in asset search, conduct background checks and gather other evidence to support one parent gaining custody over the other parent.

Life throwing any of these experiences your way? Consider hiring a private investigator to dig up the dirt and other hidden agendas.

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