Exclusive – Ashley Madison Damage Control Service

, , | 31/08/2015

Exclusive – Ashley Madison Damage Control Service

By now you have no doubt heard about the hacking of the Ashley Madison website and the subsequent online posting of sensitive information.

If you believe your information was part of the Ashley Madison internet hack, you may have bigger problems than just a compromised credit card. This site keeps documentation of a more personal nature such as; your photo, physical and sexual preferences and private messages, all of which have now been made public.

Since the news story broke about the hack, several websites have been launched claiming to be able to search the stolen information to see who is or isn’t on the list. A lot of these websites are just scammers trying to lure unsuspecting people to enter their information to be stolen once again.

If you suspect that you or someone you know may have had their information compromised, don’t make matters worse by falling prey to the lowlifes who are capitalizing on this situation. Ignore blackmailers who may have matched your email address from a Facebook or LinkedIn account and are threatening to expose you to your spouse, colleagues and friends. These blackmailers have nothing of value that is not already available to the public.

You may also want to consider using a new email address. If you did sign up for an Ashley Madison account with your real email address, you should consider abandoning that account and signing up for a new email address. The old address can lead to problems down the road if someone decides to perform a background check on you.

If you have been compromised, the things that may be available online are your name, address, email; ethnicity, date of birth, payment history, partial credit card information, phone number, security questions (may be similar on other logins) sexual preferences, user name & password and website activity, such as photos and messages. This sensitive situation may require the experience of a private investigator. We can provide damage control services to make the best out of a bad situation. If your information is out there, it may only be the tip of the ice berg and the experts are warning that their may be fallout from this hack. It is best to never underestimate the severity of a potential problem.

Our question is “What’s at stake?”
Our professionals will walk you through it.

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