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Bell Let’s Talk Raises $6.5 Million for Mental Health

Bell Let’s talk, which is a national campaign that aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health and raise funds for the cause, raised more than $6.5 million from a combination of phone calls, text messages and social media interactions, as of Thursday morning. In total, over 131 million interactions from around the world were calculated by 8am EST. That enormous number included every Instagram post, tweet and text message sent from a Bell device with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk. Compared to last year, this year’s interactions increased by 6 million interactions. For every single one of those interactions, Bell has committed to contributing five cents to mental health efforts, bringing the total money raised to $6,585,250.50.

The hashtag was widely popular across social media on Wednesday, with celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Reynolds both sending their own tweets.

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The program began in 2010 as a way to tackle and dispel stigma surrounding mental health. Since its infancy, Bell has donated more than $79 million towards mental health programs. The funds are donated to a variety of organizations across Canada that support mental health science, aid and outreach.

Investigation Hotline and all our private investigators in Toronto would like to thank everyone for contributing and making this year’s #BellLetsTalk an overwhelming success and contributing to the degradation of stigma surrounding mental health.

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