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Debt – Don’t Let Them Skip Out on You.

Debt – Don’t Let Them Skip Out on You.

In todays worsening economy, law firms are reporting more and more cases of uncollectable judgments. The unhappy client usually blames the law firm because they are handed an expensive legal bill along with the uncollectable judgment. It is a much better strategy to identify potential assets before starting any legal action. A professional private investigator can be very effective at tracing and locating any assets that may be deemed collectable in a court of law.

A proper assets investigation is the only real way to confirm all assets that are associated with a debtor that can legally be seized or garnished through the courts. A private investigator can determine the likelihood of collecting a debt or be directly involved in the collection of a judgment. You also have to consider the distinct possibility that the debtor in question has other creditors ahead of you that have prior judgments. It is a much better idea to get the whole picture before proceeding with any legal action.

Another thing to consider is the underground economy. Until the economy becomes 100% digital, there will always be an underground economy. If a debtor is being paid in cash, (under the table) it can be difficult, if not impossible, to trace through computer searches. Only a good private investigator has the tools and investigative techniques to find these hidden assets and determine if they are collectible through court proceedings.

Mistakes can be costly and can add to further losses. How much have you spent already? Our reports are not just a bunch of brokered computer searches on flashy letterhead. We have real experience in locating hidden assets right across the globe.

Don’t Let Them Skip Out on You

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