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Why You’ll Never Receive The Child Support You’re Owed

Why You’ll Never Receive The Child Support You’re Owed

In this day in age, child support orders are becoming more and more ineffective. The issue doe not revolve around collections, like most people tend to believe, but is instead an issue of intelligence gathering. In order for the courts to render a child support judgment, they assess a variety of factors about the debtor’s lifestyle, employment and assets. The problem is the courts inability to identify these factors properly. The legal system does not have the ample resources to seek out the specifics of every case, including gaining access to information about bank accounts, employment, vehicles and properties. The unfortunate result is that child support orders are often severely undervalued.

There is no point is attributing blame towards the Family Responsibility Office (FRO), as they run into the same difficulties as any struggling parent trying to collect child support. The FRO send’s letters, make phone calls and manage payment systems for the debotors that actually pay their support. They do their best in their collection efforts, but do not have the resources to gather the proper intelligence. Without this investigative ability, they are unable to get an accurate picture of the debtor’s assets, employment, bank accounts, and properties so that they can collect an equitable amount.

The truth of that matter is that when it comes to child support issues, you are on your own and it’s an investigative task and not a collection task. The courts and the FRO do not have access to any bank account information nor have the ability to obtain the important information you need to collect on your child support order. It is an investigative mission that the government agencies won’t be doing for you.

In your child support investigation, here are your three primary responsibilities:

  • Finding a Bank Account – You are expected to find a bank account with money in it, without the aid of any bank or government institution. You must identify the bank and the actual bank branch where you think the debtor might have an account. For the average person, this is a nearly impossible task. How can you be expected to identify the specific bank account of a debtor without institutional support from government or financial bodies? The banks certainly won’t give out this information due to security and confidentiality issues. Another issue central to bank account identification is, what if the debtor gets paid in cash and doesn’t deposit their money into a financial institution or claim their income to the Canadian Revenue Agency?  Or what if they have a joint account, and the account is in another person’s name?
  • Finding Property, such as Land, House or Vehicle – In most provinces, it is not possible to input a debtor’s name into a computerized database to uncover their assets. Even if this were possible, very few child support debtors put property in their own name, often putting vehicles, land or property in another person’s name to avoid government/child support detection.
  • Finding Employment – You may think that it is easy to uncover the employment of your debtor by talking to friends, relatives, or co-workers, and it may be. However, garnishing employment wages can be incredibly difficult if your debtor works for cash, works under contact, is a low waged employee, or is self employed. The underground economy, a term referring to people who go to work every day and get paid under the table, makes it very difficult for child support orders to remain fair and equitable.

So what are you to do about all of these issues of proper intelligence gathering that prevent you from receiving the amount of child support that you deserve? The private investigator is your answer. Private investigators have the expertise, experience and knowledge to get the legally admissible evidence that you need to receive the child support that you deserve.

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