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Is Your Business Bugged?

Is Your Business Bugged?

Increasingly, individuals such as competitors, ex-employees, new start up ventures, and deceitful individuals are using electronic bugging or software for mobile devices as a method of gathering information that could severely damage your business and/or personal life.

Bugs“, which are telephone taps or video/audio transmitters, are readily available to purchase and can compromise your confidential business and personal information. In North America, the manufacture, sale, monitoring and installation of these devices encompasses a multi-billion dollar industry. Despite the widespread use of bugging technology, it is a criminal offence to record or surreptitiously intercept the dialogue of two or more individuals without their consent, unless you work for a law enforcement agency and have an order or warrant for a wire tap.

Why is Counter Surveillance Important? 

There are many reasons why organizations have the desire to spy on each other. It is difficult to statistically assess how often governments, industries, and individuals are victims of illegal and unwanted surveillance. Evidence of surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, alerting the spy. Most organizations are unaware that criminal surveillance has had an effect on the success and mission of the organization.

Let our professional investigative staff explain how we will address your concerns about being bugged in a prompt and timely fashion and assure you that you will receive the investigative attention your case requires. At the conclusion of your investigation, you will receive a detailed report, complete with all documents, photographs, video recordings and other evidence obtained during the investigation to support our findings.

Do You Suspect You Are Being Bugged?

  • Abnormal sounds (such as clicking, crackling, and volume changes) on your telephone.
  • Confidential information is being leaked to competitors.
  • Competitors always seem to be one step ahead of you.
  • Vehicles are parked near your premises unoccupied.
  • You receive a phone call but no one speaks or you hear a short tone.
  • Switches and sockets in your office show signs of being disturbed.
  • Your office was broken into but nothing was taken.
  • Furniture or property appear to have been disrupted.
  • You hear interference on your television or radio.
  • Suspicion arises that your telephones may have been exchanged.
  • Utility or repair companies carry out unexpected and unarranged maintenance.
  • Unrecognized brick or plaster dust is found on your floor.

Investigation Hotline has the necessary expertise and resources to detect, identify and remove unauthorized equipment and software.

We get the facts and/or admissible evidence that you desperately need to protect your interests.

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