Catch Your Cheating Girlfriend

, | 27/06/2019

Are you worried your girlfriend may be cheating on you? Are you noticing the signs? Is your gut telling you that something is wrong? Perhaps you’ve noticed a weird change in behaviour, or that she gives vague excuses when she comes home late. Maybe she’s dressing differently or suddenly leaves the room whenever she gets a phone call.

Your fears of infidelity may not be unfounded. Sometimes with a little investigating, you can gather enough evidence of your partner cheating to confront them. It is important, however, to ensure you are 100% sure of their infidelity before you approach them.

The following steps are recommended if you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you:

1) Identify the signs. Know the signs of infidelity before you proceed. Not all suspicions are signs. A strange change in behaviour or a new schedule could be the product of another life event or challenge your girlfriend is facing. If there are only a few new behaviours or habits that are causing your suspicion, bring these up to your girlfriend compassionately. There could be a simple explanation that will erase your fears. However, make sure you know what the signs may be, including changes in behaviour, mood, attitude or finances.

2) Keep track of your partner’s movements and behaviours. If you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you, keep a close eye on the way she acts and on the places she goes. Keep a written or digital log of changes in behaviour (i.e. she’s acting strange around you or becoming easily defensive), keep track of inconsistencies (i.e. she tells you she’s going to lunch with her mom but her mom later tells you she was out of town) and write down any suspicious activity (i.e. an increased frequency of appointments or visits with friends). This documented information will be critical if or when you decide to confront your partner, particularly because a cheater is very likely to change their story or question your memory. Be very careful in this step; you don’t want to get caught if you’re right OR if you’re wrong.

3) Collect hard evidence that your partner is being unfaithful. This can be the most difficult part, but it is the most important if you want to confront your girlfriend. She won’t be able to argue with hard evidence. Without giving yourself away, start tracking things such as receipts, credit card statements, phone records, text messages, vehicle mileage and social media accounts. Don’t be afraid to get a little sneaky.

4) Hire a private investigator to catch her. Even if you are tracking your girlfriend’s movements and collecting hard evidence of her infidelity, the easiest and most effective way to catch your girlfriend red handed is to hire a Private Investigator to solve the mystery for you. A P.I has the skills, expertise and experience to either prove or disprove your suspicions. They can also spy on your girlfriend more easily and avoid detection. Additionally, a P.I can provide evidence admissible in court if need be. Keep the following things in mind if you decide to hire a P.I for this job:

• Make sure the private investigator you choose is licensed (if your state requires licensing)
• Ensure they have experience in infidelity investigations (experience in other areas is fine, but they will likely do a better and more efficient job of catching your girlfriend if they have done something similar before)
• Ask your P.I a lot of questions before choosing to hire them, including what their services are, what their training way, what methods they use (i.e. surveillance, tracking social media, GPS tracking)
• Identify your budget and talk to different private investigator’s on price (don’t forget the cost of a P.I will vary depending on difficult, location(s) and length of the investigation)

5) Do not confront your girlfriend until you have proof from your P.I. Infidelity is unlike other relationship problems; in the case of infidelity, it is very important to wait until you have proof before you accuse the other person of cheating. If you are incorrect, you could damage or end your relationship permanently. If you confront a cheating girlfriend before you have enough proof, they may deny the whole thing and develop a better way of secrecy.

It may be devastating to hear that your girlfriend is cheating on you, but it is better to know and be able to move on. Healthy and happy relationships should begin in a place of trust and commitment. Use this as an opportunity to find someone who can commit to you, and you alone. Don’t be afraid to seek outside support as you go through this process, whether that be from a family member, a friend or from a registered therapist. Take time to grieve, get mad, but don’t forget: you’re not the only one.

Although we’ve written specifically about girlfriends who cheat, similar logic applies to cheating boyfriends. Regardless of the gender, if you suspect your partner may be stepping out on you, call the experts at Investigation Hotline for the answers and evidence you desperately want and deserve.

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