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Cheating Facts You May Not Have Known

Being cheated on sucks. Whether you have been cheated on or you are worried that your partner is being unfaithful, it is important to know that you are not alone. While the majority of individuals remain faithful in their relationships and marriages, the unfortunate reality is that infidelity occurs. A common topic in pop culture and media, infidelity is a widely researched topic. A few interesting facts have cropped up and are shared here:

1) Humans are among the 3% of mammals on earth that are (often) monogamous. Funny enough, primates (our closest genetic relatives) are not among this 3%. Other monogamous species include otters, bats, wolves and barn owls.

2) The most common reasons that people reportedly cheat include lack of commitment to their current relationship, sexual desire for a specific person, situational factors such as alcohol or drugs, lack or a decrease of love in their relationship, distance from their partner, low ego or self-esteem, anger, and a desire for something new. Some reasons that people do NOT cheat in their relationship include morality, parental influence, if there are children involved, fear of ending up alone and fear of being caught.

3) Although men are more likely to admit to being unfaithful to their partner, the rates of infidelity have increased by 40% among women in the last few decades.

4) Every couple defines cheating differently. While some individuals are not upset when their partner flirts with others, reportedly 1 in 10 people consider watching porn to be a form of cheating. Make sure you establish these boundaries with your partner when entering a new relationship!

5) Men and women have different views on cheating. While most men feel as though sexual cheating is the worst form, women feel as though emotional cheating is even worse.

6) This may or may not come as a surprise, but if your partner has cheated before, they are statistically more likely to cheat again. While it’s no guarantee, there is some truth to “once a cheater, always a cheater.”

7) Contrary to popular belief, people are more likely to cheat with someone they know well or hang out with frequently, as opposed to cheating with a complete stranger. This could be due to emotional cheating as well as physical cheating.

8) Fun fact; Ashley Madison (dating app geared towards married or coupled up individuals) reported that cheating happens most often on Wednesday afternoons or early evenings.

9) While blonde women are statistically more likely to cheat, brown-haired men are more likely to cheat.

10) Based on a combination of nature and nurture, men who’s fathers have cheated are more likely to cheat in their own relationships than men with fathers who remained faithful.

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