Cheating Signs So Subtle, You Just Might Miss Them

, , , | 13/08/2020

They say that your gut is like your second brain, and if your gut is talking to you, you should listen. Sometimes when you are in a relationship, your gut sends you warning signals that something is off or that something has changed. Because you may not have concrete proof, you may not feel confident enough to approach your partner to talk about how you’re feeling or talk about your suspicions.

Because cheating today has become increasingly easier with the development of the internet and social media, it has become more pervasive and normalized, so much so that many cheaters become very good at hiding it.

Are you worried that your partner may be cheating? Is your gut sending you warning signals? Check out these very subtle signs that your partner is cheating. So subtle, you just might miss them.

1) Their social media channels no longer include you. Did your partner used to post Instagram or Facebook stories of the two of you? Did you used to be in their profile pictures? If you are suddenly less visible on one or more of their social media accounts, this could be because they are trying to hide you from their outside relationships and appear more available.

2) Your old relationship issues seem to have disappeared. If you are no longer bickering over the same things without having actively tried to resolve them, chances are their interests no longer lie within your relationship.

3) They suddenly have new extracurricular activities that you are not invited to. You may be excited that your partner is branching out, getting active or making new friends, but be wary if you are not invited along in these activities. Everyone needs their space, and oftentimes their own hobbies, but if they withhold information about it or spend increasingly more time away from you to do these activities, this could be a big red flag.

4) Conversely, your partner has started oversharing. If your partner is talking more than usual about their daily activities, this may be their way of covering their tracks and trying to overcompensate. If it sounds like they are trying to build a story, or even an alibi, trust your gut.

5) They are suddenly keeping tabs on you. A cheater will need to know where you are at all times to avoid getting caught in the act.

6) They prefer to do the laundry and get upset when you offer to help. If your partner has something to hide, there may be evidence in jean pockets or fragrances on collars.

7) Their phone is on silent. This is a more subtle sign than them hiding their phone or phone activity from you altogether, but equally as dangerous. They may keep their phone on silent so that you do not hear notifications they receive from an outside partner or from dating apps.

8) They make less time for your friends and your family. If your partner has something to hide, chances are they will spend less time with the people close to you in case they slip up or overshare. They may also be distancing themselves so that it is less painful for the people you love if you find out about their infidelity.

If your gut is telling you that your partner is cheating, don’t ignore it. Consider hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of it for you.

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