Cheating Wife Investigation

Are you the victim of a cheating wife? As most people know, both sexes can be guilty of infidelity in a marriage. Statistically speaking however, women are less likely to cheat than men. While it can be difficult to establish estimates of infidelity, surveys generally prove that wives tend to be more faithful than husbands.

The reasons for a woman to cheat can vary substantially. Some will get involved in extracurricular affairs to escape the monotony of marriage, some will cheat as an act of revenge for a husband’s past infidelity, real or imagined, and some will act out of plain boredom.

There are certain signs that can give you the feeling that you are dealing with a cheating wife. She could be avoiding your telephone calls and not returning your messages. There could be situations where your wife is hiding her mobile phone or tablet. She may have started spending more time away from home and her reasons may seem suspect. Women who cheat tend to be more flirtatious, take more risks, and act in sexually provocative ways.

If you get the feeling that something is not right in your relationship with your wife, our professionally trained investigators can assist and help you to gather the information that you require. In most cases when our clients suspect their wife of being unfaithful, the suspicions tend to be correct. If, however the Subject is found to be honest and truthful, the client has peace of mind.

How to Get the Proof You Need That Your Wife is Cheating.

At Investigation Hotline, we understand that you may not be anxious about contacting us. Please understand that it will cost you nothing to get in touch with us and discuss your surveillance needs. We guarantee discretion and confidentiality when conducting investigations into cheating wives or spouse surveillance for our clients. If there are children involved it is even more important to contact us. We understand the law in the event of any legal proceedings i.e., child custody, divorce, alimony, etc. Hiring an experience private investigator can help to minimize your risk. In the past we have dealt with clients who have obtained the information themselves only to have it thrown out of court because of the way it was obtained. As a father you want to protect yourself as much as possible in a legal proceeding since an estimated 79% of child custody cases go in favour of the mother in Canada.

We are here to help, our experienced Private Investigators have the experience, knowledge, and technology to help you uncover the truth.

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