The Cost of a “Cheap” Private Investigator

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There are many reasons why companies and individuals strive to hire the cheapest private investigator they can find. On the surface, it makes perfect sense. Why pay $500 for a background check when you can have another private detective do one for $250? Comparing the two offers, it would seem that one firm is willing to work for much less per hour than the other.

In this example, one private detective charges 2x less than the other. But what if the truth of the matter was that the $500 background check provided you the results you were looking for in less than an hour, while the $250 per hour investigator charged you 3 hours and taken a week to do the same job? How do the two offers stack up now?

When clients come to us and compare us to other private investigative agencies solely on price, we understand where they are coming from. It’s difficult to fathom that that hiring a private eye for a rather straightforward request such as interviewing a witness would require paying twice the price. But cases are often much more complex than they originally seem. Very few cases are “ordinary” or “the typical case”.

Here at Investigation Hotline, we have heard many different stories of people hiring other private detective agencies which cost them an arm and a leg and take a significant amount of time to see results. On many occasions, we have been hired to do the work that other agencies have failed to do, in a shorter time frame and for less money.

Although the other agencies’ hourly rate seemed attractive, they were unable to deliver the results they promised and cost a small fortune due to the amount of time billed to the client.

When it comes to pricing, it is important to understand the value that private detectives provide. If you were to pay $50 an hour for a background check that took three hours and turned up no red flags, would you be satisfied? Perhaps. But what if a more comprehensive report was done by another agency that charged $150 an hour, only billed an hour, and found out that the subject was a convicted felon? Which agency would you prefer to hire?

We are by no means suggesting that an expensive investigator is always better. But there are reasons why some agencies charge based on the value they deliver. Before you hire a private detective, do your due diligence and research. Look into client reviews from past customers who have taken time to provide honest feedback about the results of their cases. After all, nothing is more telling than the transparent feedback of past clients.

Here at Investigation Hotline, we have over 130 Google+ reviews and we take pride in our reputation and the feedback from our clients. If you take a look at our reviews, you’ll find an abundance of customer stories from satisfied customers that would recommend and use our services again.

If you’re looking for a private detective, give us a call today 416-205-9114 and get the answers and peace of mind you deserve at a rate that will produce significant value with no hidden extras in most cases. We think three steps ahead!

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