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Could Your Business Benefit from a PI?

There are many misconceptions about why people hire a private investigator. There are also misconceptions of the type of people who choose to hire private investigators and when. People assume that PIs are only hired after something has gone wrong, particularly by a spouse who suspects that their husband or wife is cheating. While this is true, private investigators are useful in a wide variety of cases and are also particularly beneficial to hire before an incident occurs. A primary example of this is hiring a PI for your business to ensure that you avoid running into preventable problems.

While a PI can be very useful for individuals, they can also be extremely useful in your business setting. You should consider hiring a PI for a number of reasons, including:

  • Conducting background checks for new employees, potential investors or business partners (i.e. employment records, school records, criminal records, credit reports, personal references, health screening, driving records, etc.)
  • Conducting in depth investigations of potential key position employees
  • Identifying and verifying appropriate investment opportunities (and identifying whether it truly would be a beneficial partnership for your business)
  • Conducting risk assessments for a merger, an acquisition or a big business decision
  • Investigating a business before an acquisition (including digging up information on employees, office spaces, corporate assets, etc.)
  • Referrals to reliable attorneys
  • Cyber-proofing your assets, accounts and property
  • Conducting property surveillance of your business or business vehicles (useful for employee theft, product tampering or even disability/personal claims, etc.)
  • Investigating employee compliance
  • Initiating lawsuits or keeping them at bay
  • Internet and brand monitoring
  • Conducting fraud investigations in the case of missing assets

Hiring a private investigator for your business will save you time and money by helping you make informed decisions and preventing problems from occurring down the line. They can help you obtain valuable information in a lawful way and provide you with invaluable resources. A PI will cater their services and resources based on the needs of your company, employees and business goals and can be very useful regardless of whether your business is brand new or whether is has been around for generations.

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