Technology: How Private Investigators Can Track Digital Infidelity Trails

, , | 09/10/2015

Technology: How Private Investigators Can Track Digital Infidelity Trails

Technology has had a huge impact on a lot of aspects of our lives both at home and at work. Innocent texts or posted photos can quickly lead to trysts. For example, social networking sites now enable a person living in say Mississauga, Brampton or Oakville to rapidly reconnect with a high school sweetheart or meet a total stranger abroad in the Caribbean the minute marriages hit the doldrums.

It is estimated that a large percentage of visitors to online dating sites are utilizing them to cheat on their spouse or partner.

There is however an almost overlooked benefit from the advancements in technology – the cheater’s electronic infidelity trail is virtually impossible to delete. Utilizing technology, psychology and years of experience with family law, a Private Investigator can delve into the suspected cheater’s digital footprint to reveal the hidden red flags.

An experienced Private Investigator can recover “deleted” texts, emails, pics as well as outgoing call records which can be very incriminating to the cheater. Cell phones can be a gold mine in an infidelity investigation. Private investigators want the deleted information. This is generally where the evidence can be found.

Long phone calls can also be a red flag of a suspected cheater. Most cell phone calls are on average 1 – 3 minutes. When you see phone calls that are lasting 30 – 40 minutes and the same number keeps popping up, there is most likely a problem.

In addition, social media seems to be playing an increasing role in the destruction of relationships.

Over 80% of divorce attorneys, polled in a 2010 survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, say that there has been an increase in the number of cases that relied on evidences in some part obtained from social media sites like Facebook.

There is actually a popular website called, which was created after the founder’s ex-wife was caught having an affair with a former boyfriend she had reconnected with on the Facebook.

Whether it’s through the posting of intimate pictures on Facebook & Twitter, or sending out sexually explicit texts or emails adulterers are creating an electronic footprint that can be traced back to them by an experienced Private Investigator.

Online privacy is an illusion. Technology is going to get you caught at some point.
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