Unfortunately, with the development of social media, cheating has become more common and easier to get away with. Most people have their devices on them at all times, and use it in every aspect of their lives. With our phones always at our fingertips, temptation can be hard to ignore when social media and dating apps are plentiful. There are many dating (or cheating) apps available, with more emerging every day, that allow anyone with an android and iOS device to search for strangers to chat with, flirt with and even to meet up with.

A recent study by HighSpeedInternet has reported that as many as one in four people use dating apps to cheat. Apps such as Tinder and PlentyOfFish in particular have seen millions and millions of patrons, many single, but many in so-called “committed relationships”. 46% of people reported using multiple dating apps simultaneously to cheat on their significant other. Furthermore, Tinder was the most common app used by the males surveyed, and Tinder tied with PlentyOfFish with surveyed women.

Interestingly, one third of the polled individuals indicated that they did not consider using a dating app as a form of cheating. One third also specified that swiping on Tinder while in a relationship was not a form of cheating. 10% of the total sample reported that they did not believe that it was necessary to disclose their “monogamous” relationship on their online dating profiles.

To make matters worse, dating apps and websites exist with the single purpose of joining individuals who wish to cheat on their significant other. Websites including Heated Affairs and Ashley Madison exist for people to find willing partners with whom to cheat and are marketed specifically towards those in marriages and committed relationships.

Other apps exist that are commonly used by cheaters for their features and privacy settings. Such apps include Avira Vault, Signal, Vaulty Stocks and even the commonly-used Snapchat. Many of these apps have features including message and photo encryption, deceptive exteriors (i.e. a “cover” app), disappearing messages and technology that can dupe your partner into thinking they searched your phone and found nothing.

If you are using dating apps to cheat on your significant other, don’t forget that these actions may hurt you, your loved ones and your reputation. If you’re worried that your significant other is cheating on you using dating apps, consider hiring a private investigator who is skilled and experienced in collecting the kind of evidence you need to prove your case and catch them in the act.

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