FAQ#4 How do Private Investigators gather evidence?

Methods to gather evidence in private investigation

Private detectives in Canada can gather evidence through a variety of methods, depending on the nature of the case and the type of information being sought. Some common methods include:


Private Investigators may conduct surveillance of a subject to gather information on their activities and whereabouts. This can involve using cameras, binoculars, or other surveillance equipment to observe and document the subject’s actions.


Private Investigators interview individuals who have relevant information related to the case, such as witnesses, friends, family members, or colleagues of the subject.

Background checks

They conduct background checks on individuals to verify their credentials, employment history, criminal record, or financial background.

Online research

They may use online databases, social media, or other publicly available information to gather information on a subject or their activities.

Forensic analysis

They can provide forensic analysis of evidence, such as fingerprints, DNA, or other physical evidence, to help identify or link individuals to a particular crime or activity.

Abide the law in private investigation

It’s important to note that private detectives in Canada are required to follow all applicable laws and regulations when gathering evidence, and may not engage in activities that are illegal or unethical. Additionally, any evidence gathered by a private detective may be subject to rules of admissibility in court, so it’s important to discuss the specifics of the evidence-gathering process with the private detective and a legal professional to ensure that the evidence can be used effectively if needed.

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