Finding the Right Private Investigator for You

, | 31/01/2021

In a world filled with crime, fraud, corruption and infidelity, it is not uncommon for people to search for outside, professional help when faced with a difficult problem. A private investigator, or “PI”, is able to provide a wide variety of investigative services to resolve a variety of issues for both individuals and businesses.

There are many important things to consider when thinking about hiring a private investigator, from credibility to methods to cost. The following are a few tips to consider in your own investigation of your PI before you commit:

1) Is your private investigator licensed? Licensing varies depending on geographical location, but it is essential that you verify that your PI is not only certified by their governing body, but also well-versed in the laws, ethics and standards required of a private investigator. Licensing may involve a certain number of education hours, testing, background checks and a predetermined number of fieldwork hours for them to obtain proper certification and licensing. Verifying that your PI is licensed will ensure a certain level of quality and credibility in your investigation.

2) What kind of experience do they have? Ask what type of investigations they have conducted and how long he or she has been a private investigator. If you are searching for a PI to help you in a custody battle, it would be prudent to learn how well versed they are in that specific matter. You may ask for testimonials of past clients as well if they are not already made available on their website.

3) What kind of methods does this individual employ in their line of work? Conducting a private investigation ethically and within the constraints of the law is of utmost importance to you and your case. Ask questions about how they plan to conduct your investigation, what methods or techniques they will use and what barriers or challenges they foresee having to overcome.

4) What is his or her specialty? Some PIs specialize in one or several areas, whether they focus solely on financial matters or devote their time to cases of infidelity. Typically when a company conducts the same kind of investigations frequently, they are more efficient and qualified in that area. Some PIs offer a wide variety of services, which can be particularly beneficial if your problem has many facets. Identifying the unique characteristics of your PI will help you make the decision of whether they are the right fit for you.

5) Are you comfortable with your PI? Do you have a good rapport? Are you happy with the costs associated with hiring them? You must feel comfortable communicating and working with your PI, particularly if you are sharing or searching for sensitive and personal information.

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