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Your Expert Team of Private Investigators in Georgina

Our multi-faceted team consists of investigators, forensic examiners and security specialists. We employ cutting-edge intelligence gathering techniques to produce exhaustive reports that go above and beyond court standards. We also strive to report our findings to our clients in a timely manner.

At Investigation Hotline, we provide a wide range of private investigator services in Georgina, Ontario, including:

Our Proven Investigator Approach & Intelligence Methods



Our experts will analyze the information you provided to us, developing a real workable solution for your case.


Case Strategy

We will examine your information, identity key issues and problems, before planning out selective research.


Intelligence Gathering

We will collect and review key evidence and findings, before reassessing the current strategy with you.



You can expect to receive a detailed report, including relevant findings with their interpretations and their implications, and highlights underlying assumptions.



Our PIs will provide you with alternative findings and assist with any negotiation and settlement, if required.

Why Hire Us as Your Georgina Private Investigator? We’re Professionals.

Ensuring you achieve a successful result to your case is our main goal. As such, we strive to consistently maintain a high level of professionalism throughout our investigations.

Our investigators are experienced, well-equipped and adaptable to any situation. We arm them with the latest tracking technology and digital practices, allowing them to operate as a team or individually, depending on the situation. We only use legal, industry-standard best practices, so you can rest assured that your needs will be properly and professionally met.

Whether your case is corporate, personal or domestic, we focus on discretion at all times. We will never violate your confidence – no matter what may arise during the process. We are committed to professionalism, and to your peace of mind.

To speak to one of our private investigators in the Georgina area, please contact us today.

Association of the Best Private Investigators Greater Toronto Area

Whether your interest is for personal, corporate or domestic reasons, you can expect the utmost level of trust, legality and professionalism from our leading team of private investigators in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and throughout the globe.

Experienced Investigators

With over 30 years of experience, we know how to handle and execute various investigations with poise and precision. There is no case that we can’t handle!

Useful & Helpful Results

At the end of our investigation, you will receive a detailed report highlighting all substantial evidence that can provide you with clarity and peace of mind.

Trustworthy & Professional

Our agency is recognized for their dedication to discretion, commitment to privacy and their trustworthiness in communication and pricing. Expect total professionalism from our team.

Intelligent Approach Method

Our success stems from our intelligent and proven methodology. From the analysis to the reporting, we will deliver unique solutions for your situation.

Georgina Private Investigators

Looking to hire a private investigator in Georgina, Ontario? Look no further. Investigation Hotline offers a wide range of services to both corporate entities and individuals across the York region. Our locally-based, experienced team of private investigators is here to help you make informed decisions about your situation.

What makes a Great Georgina Private Investigator?

It all comes down to three factors: trust, legality and professionalism. When dealing with any kind of private investigator in Georgina or the York area, you need to consider these key factors. This is what separates great local private investigators from all the rest.

Building Trust in Your Private Investigator

Establishing trust in your private investigator is absolutely essential, no matter what your case involves. Before you hire a private investigator, you need to know you can trust them with sensitive information and delicate situations should the need arise.

How do you build this trust? Start by performing your due diligence: find out if they are licensed, have a proven track record and good reviews. At Investigation Hotline, our reputation speaks for itself.

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Some of Our Partners in Private Investigations

Investigation Hotline’s trusted partner agencies include: Investigation Plus, Top Tier Investigations, MadPI Consulting & Investigations, O.B.N. Security, Spy Depot Security Inc., Providence Investigations, Ltd, Precision Institute of Protective Measures,G.P. Ospreay & Associates and Divorce Angels. We work only with well reputed and most trusted private investigators Toronto Ontario and Canada.


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