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What Can a Private Investigator do to Help my Business?

What Can a Private Investigator do to Help my Business?

The decision to hire a Private Investigator is never an easy one. Most times personal and confidential information may have to be disclosed. The financial investment that such a decision entails is usually unexpected and one that the majority of potential clients are unprepared for. Very few companies maintain an emergency Private Investigator fund for a just in case scenario.

What can a Private Investigator do to  help my business?   Here are some of the ways:

Pre-employment Screening

Many companies these days require background check on potential employees. During this process, an applicant’s background is investigated to verify the accuracy of his claims and to look into any possible criminal history or red flags.

Prospective Business Partner

Close partners are often a necessity, especially in many high growth markets. The right partner can help breed success but just as easily, the wrong partner can deliver failure. A background check on a prospective business partner can help you in understanding their management style, political connections and providing an auditable trail that is a necessary tool for conducting business today.


Any shrewd investor would never invest money or time in a new company or other financial deal without completing the proper amount of research. A company may appear to be perfectly legitimate, with nice offices and a readily available list of previous client referrals, but may very well be a sophisticated scam. A Private Investigator can check public records for bankruptcies, tax liens, licensing compliance, and any other judgments or defaults.

Security Consultations

A business may need to secure their premises, assets and information. In some cases an overnight security guard or an alarm system may be all that is required. Another companies needs may be more involved, requiring sophisticated electronic surveillance, a loss-prevention staff and strict computer security. An experienced Private Investigator can recommend security services and techniques to help prevent theft or to provide for employee safety.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

It is estimated by insurance companies that twenty percent of all Workers Compensation claims are fraudulent. Considering that one solitary fraudulent claim can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars, it is a serious issue.

A Private Investigator can delve into employee claims to verify if they are legitimate. Sometimes by simply observing the claimant in their every day activities it is possible to obtain evidence that a fraudulent claim has been submitted.

By vigorously pursuing fraudulent claims a company is making a statement by warning other employees that the company pursues every claim.

Policy and Procedures Examination

Businesses enact policies and procedures to ensure that duties and services are performed in a consistent manner. If some of these policies and procedures are flawed, the business itself can suffer. A Private Investigator can review, test, challenge, scrutinize and correct deficiencies for any business.

If your business already has established Policies and Procedures, a Private Investigator can help you determine if they are properly meeting your needs.

So you see, hiring a Private Investigator for any or all of the reasons listed above in this article can benefit your business financially as well as protecting your assets allowing you to conduct your daily business with sound piece of mind.


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