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Download in PDF press release about high-quality aerial and underwater surveillance new services

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Investigation Hotline launched new services:
high-quality aerial and underwater surveillance.

Toronto, Ontario – 12/03/2023: Investigation Hotline, a leader in the industry of personal, corporate or domestic investigations have announced the launch of its new services aimed at providing high-quality aerial and underwater surveillance to clients across industries.

Investigation Hotline offers airborne/submarine surveillance services, including aerial videography and photography, at any time of day on land and underwater with a team of investigators and certified drone pilots. Specialists are prepared to assist clients in various circumstances, including looking for missing people, helping with rescue missions, finding lost objects that have sunk to the bottom, keeping track of work processes, performing inspections in various industries, and conducting any necessary investigations.

“We are ready to assist our clients with the latest in aerial and underwater surveillance technology,”said Mitchell Dubros, founder and licensed Drone pilot of Investigation Hotline. “Our team has the expertise and equipment to deliver exceptional aerial and underwater surveillance solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.”

Modern drones (UAVs) outfitted with high-resolution cameras and sensors are used by Investigation Hotline to take in-depth pictures and videos of the targeted area. With the aid of these technologies, exact day, night, airborne, and underwater photography and filmmaking are now possible.

In addition to providing surveillance services, Investigation Hotline also creates unique solutions to each client’s demands.

For more information about Investigation Hotline’s aerial surveillance services, please visit and contact by 416.205.9114 or [email protected]

About Investigation Hotline:

Investigation Hotline is a Toronto-based company that provides high-quality investigative solutions to clients across industries.

The experts provide all necessary private investigation services to satisfy the most demanding customers, including security consultations, legal and forensic investigations, and intelligence and protective services. Experts in this company handle intricate and urgent cases that most regular private investigators would not handle. Our team stands out for its unconventional methodology, dependable tactics, in-depth analysis, and capacity to resolve even the most challenging situations. They work
promptly and are incredibly organized.

The business offers outstanding services that address a variety of client needs using the most recent technology and tools.