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How Does Investigation Hotline Inc Use Social Media During Investigations?

Social media use is pervasive in our society today. The average person accesses a social media platform within one hour of waking up every day, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YoutTube, etc. Social media has provided limitless resources, opportunities, sources of entertainment and lifestyle activities for people across the world, and has also become one of the preferred methods of communication for businesses to reach and provide products and services to their customers.

Private investigators are very privvy to the benefits of social media in an investigative case. Beyond the popular sites and apps, there are hundreds of lesser known social media platforms, billions of websites and never ending blogs and social networks that provide valuable information about people around the world. Social media platforms and cookie crumb trails that people leave on the internet can be an excellent source of information for a wide variety of investigative cases. These platforms can be a gateway to actionable information and can even sometimes be used as admissible evidence in a court of law.

At Investigation Hotline, our private detectives utilize the power of social media for worker’s compensation cases, child custody battles, personal injury claims and civil lawsuits just to name a few. Social media can shed light on the intimate details of someone’s past, present, and sometimes future which can help create a sociological profile of the subject in question. It can provide a wealth of information spanning decades and transcends geographical and language barriers. They also provide useful photography to help the investigator become more familiar with the individual in question.

Although everyone with an internet connection believes that they are a super sleuth when it comes to social media, there are many privacy laws surrounding its use. A private investigator must be highly trained in the use of social media during internet investigations and must be well versed in how information can be obtained both legally and ethically, following all federal laws regulating social media use and privacy.

The private investigators at Investigation Hotline are highly trained in social media usage during an investigation and know how to acquire important information legally to be admissible in court. Not only can the investigators testify to all of the collected information, but can provide a detailed report of the sourced information if need be.

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