How to Catch a Cheater

, | 23/11/2021

Are you suspicious of your partner cheating? Does your gut tell you that something is off? Has the chemistry gone stale and the stories are no longer adding up? Cheating is incredibly painful to be on the receiving end of, and it is therefore understandable that you would want your suspicions confirmed or put to bed. While having an honest conversation with your partner is the first logical step to addressing these concerns, a cheater is unlikely to disclose the full nature of their transgressions (for obvious reasons).

So, if someone doesn’t want to get caught, how do you catch a cheater? Luckily, there are several at-home tips and tricks to follow to confirm whether or not you are being cheated on. You must always be cautious of privacy laws, but if you want to catch them in the act, consider:

  • Monitoring their phone behaviour. If your partner refuses to share their phone password with you or will not let you have access to their phone, whatever the reason (“can I look something up quickly?” “Can I use your ride sharing app?”), this is damning behaviour;

  • Monitoring browser history on their phone, tablet, laptop, work computer, etc. If you have access to their devices, messaging apps, phone logs and browser history are sure-fire ways of determining who they are spending their time conversing with. Be on the lookout for non-descript contact IDs in their “Contacts” and “Recents” such as “Work” or “Coworker”;

  • Utilizing a common location sharing app such as Find My Friends or Find My iPhone to monitor your partner’s whereabouts. If your partner does not have an app like this enabled, consider snooping their Google Maps or Apple Maps history to track their movements. Another easy option is to review their travel history on ride sharing apps such as Uber, Lift or Waze;

  • Investigating strange or unlikely apps on your partner’s phone. While cheating may be easy to spot over text messages and phone calls, some cheaters use unsuspecting applications such as Reddit or TikTok to converse with their mistresses. Other lesser known apps may also have a chat function that can be used as a method of conversing with whomever they are cheating on you with;

  • Utilizing sophisticated software such as DeepSound that allows you to convert secret data into audio files. If you can reverse-engineer your partner’s photos or audio files, you may find hidden trails of their infidelity;

  • Checking their iCloud storage and their trash can (physical trash cans count too!);

  • Using a spyware app or keylogging software. Simple apps like Spy Tracker or computer applications that run in the background are useful for monitoring your partner’s device activity (be careful about privacy violations if you choose to go this route).

If you want to know with certainty if your partner is cheating on you, there is only one fail-safe option: contacting a private investigator to dig up the dirt for you. A private investigator is trained in collecting evidence discreetly, professionally and legally.

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