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Intelligence Gathering – Three-Pronged Approach

Private investigators put a substantial amount of thought, training, knowledge, predictability, detail and understanding into each and every case. When called upon, investigator professionals take the time to understand your objectives, get a thumbnail overview of each situation, and quickly determine if a desired result is feasible within the confines of your expectations and costs associated. Investigations are conducted under the guidance of counsel to ensure the integrity of the investigation, guaranteeing absolute discretion, confidentiality and compliance with the legal system.

The Framework for Intelligence Gathering – The Three-Pronged Approach

The three-pronged investigator approach aims to uncover as much fact-based information as possible from three key areas of intelligence. By gathering information from all three angles, private investigators are able to overcome the potential pitfalls and/or associated risks of focusing on only one area of investigation. The three distinct investigator areas are:

Online Sources – Online information and open-source databases offer a quick, easy and cost-effective way to gather intelligence. The most common examples include websites and social media platforms. While online sources are cost effective and easy to access, information is reliant on third-party sources and must be vetted to ensure accuracy.

Source-Based Information – This method of investigation aims at getting to the source of information. Common examples include utilizing federal, state and local repositories, computer forensics and internal/corporate documents. The advantage to this area of intelligence is that you are able to gain a more in-depth picture of specific facts, with the drawback that this information is not readily available and risks anonymity.

Human Intelligence – This involves gathering information that cannot be obtained from the previous two sources. This often includes third-party interviews, mobile or physical surveillance, and dumpster diving. While eyewitness accounts can reveal credible intelligence that would otherwise be impossible to uncover, sources may have a hidden agenda and cannot necessarily be trusted.

All three approaches present their own benefits and risks, but when used collaboratively, they provide the ideal opportunity to discover critical information. If you are curious about a corporate, personal or domestic issue.

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