Investigation Hotline Explores the Dangers of Domestic and Elder Abuse

, | 18/02/2021

Domestic abuse and elder abuse are rampant across Canada, including the Toronto area. Today, half of all Canadian women have experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives after age 16.

Elder abuse is another form of violence that is not reported as often as domestic abuse between partners. Elderly family members are abused physically, emotionally, and financially by family members or caretakers.

Sadly, instances of domestic abuse and elder abuse have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Couples and families have been isolated for a long time, and people who might otherwise have left their partners find it difficult to begin new lives. Isolation makes it easier for abusers to hide their activities, and it makes it less likely that victims will receive help.

According to the Globe and Mail, calls to domestic violence hotlines from women who are victims of abuse increased rapidly since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Investigation Hotline provides private investigation and detective services for all victims of domestic abuse and elder abuse in the greater Toronto area and beyond. With a trusted firm at hand, abused people are more likely to be able to build a court case, ensuring that their abusers receive the full penalty of the law.

Calling the hotline helps victims get out of bad situations. The company explains its services and how it can help to protect vulnerable people from being mistreated.


The company offers detective and private investigation services to residents of Oakville, Vaughn, and all other local cities. The company also offers forensic investigation, anonymous threat protection, and detecting cases of fraud and identity theft. Other services that may be useful to victims of violence include custody issues, tracking and surveillance, and litigation support.

Elder Abuse and Financial Fraud

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to elder abuse in the form of financial fraud. Unscrupulous family members or caretakers may take control of an elder’s financial accounts without their permission or may threaten them into giving up their money or control of their affairs. This is especially true when an elder is experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia. The abuser may accomplish all of their goals while the victim is in a long-term care home or while they are being cared for at home.

Frequently, those who abuse the elderly use counterfeiting and signature theft to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, this type of abuse occurs in the Vaughn area as well as all other parts of Canada. The company provides forensic analysis of handwriting and counterfeiting to prove that the elder did not authorize the transactions, meaning that it is easier to prosecute the abuser for fraud.

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