Investigation Hotline Guest Stars on Mike Bullard’s Radio Show

| 15/11/2018

Last week, Mitchell, Gabrielle and Adam from Investigation Hotline were guest stars on Mike Bullard’s Radio Show. They chatted about the private investigation industry in many different facets. Check out the full recording available here.

Here are some of the highlights from their guest appearance:

  • Digging into the primary job of a private investigator which is to research the facts according to the law. PIs turn stones that are unturned.

  • Private detectives do what the police can not. They’re able to decipher facts from fiction. PIs do not report to anyone but their client, and client’s interests are at the forefront of everything they do.

  • Police represent society whereas private investigators represent individuals. They are distinct functions and representing an individual can have tremendous advantages.

  • Mitchell and Gabrielle try their best to avoid danger. For the most part, dangers stems from emotional turmoil such as cases that involve cheating or domestic abuse.

  • Investigating marital affairs is one of the most common reasons people retain a private eye. The vast majority of people just want to know if their spouse is cheating.

  • Investigation Hotline was instrumental in implementing mandatory training and testing in the private investigative industry. Unfortunately, there are still lots of untrustworthy agencies so it’s important to do your homework before reaching out to a PI.

  • Corporation reach out to private detectives for a variety of reasons: theft, forensics, proprietary information, disgruntled employees, etc.

  • Cyber scams are more rampant than ever. Some of the most common examples involve threats from the Canada Revenue Agency, dating and porn sites that leverage scare tactics.

  • Investigation Hotline is currently working an important case in Cuba involving two falsely accused Canadian police officers. Read more on our previous blog post.

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