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Investigation Hotline Specializes in Asset Searches

In today’s globalized economy, assets can be moved around the globe at lightning speeds. Money can be transferred across continents instantaneously, and the prominence of offshore financial accounts allow easy setup of complex business structures to hide ownership of assets. Have you ever wondered, “where is my money?”. Investigation Hotline can help you answer that question.

Over the last thirty years, Investigation Hotline has successfully completed various complex international asset searches, identifying millions of dollars for our clients. We work with those who are aiming to enforce legal judgements that award financial damages or seek the return of assets. Our private investigators specialize in identifying hidden, previously unknown or hidden assets. Our expert teams of detectives have experience in multi-jurisdictional investigations involving creditor unfriendly jurisdictions, offshore capital flight havens, alter ego companies and complex investment group structures.

Investigation Hotline can help our clientele identify:

  • Financial accounts

  • Corporate associations

  • Physical and intangible properties

  • Contracts for future performance

  • Personal property

  • Accounts receivable

Our private eyes have extensive experience in law enforcement, financial investigation, internal investigations and forensic accounting. If you are are suspicious or curious about your assets, do not hesitate to call Investigation Hotline today.