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Investigation Hotline’s Differentiated Approach and Client Fan Base

Investigation Hotline takes a different approach when it comes to intelligence. Our investigators don’t just find and study factual information for numerous sources, although that is part of the work we do. The best detectives look much more broadly at how the system works holistically – sociology, physiology, race, religion, and factor in every part of an equation and act in a non discriminatory fashion. Consideration of the social consequences of our actions and the information we possess is pivotal. Uncovered facts can affect people’s lives in profound ways. The way our team cultivates resources and processes them are different from an average person, police department or agency.

Investigation Hotline thinks differently and approaches matters methodologically. Our detectives pride themselves on being smart enough to know what we need and how to use it. A cooperative network of more than 10 agencies locally and several trusted contacts abroad, in areas such as Central and South America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia and United States, allow us access to unprecedented amounts of quality resources and tools.

Our experience from over thirty years in the business has been necessary to help our clients on a daily basis. You cannot make up for experience – you need to live it in order to learn important lessons and continually improve. Leaning on this experience, we guide and coach people through some of the hardest times in their lives. We’re game changers and problem solvers, positively influencing people’s lives in a multitude of ways. Skilled private detectives, such as ours, are often closer to their clients than their therapists and trust is a huge part of this process. Established trust from our proven track record enables clients to trust us and have us do our best work for them. Investigation Hotline prides ourselves in being industry leaders and pioneers who serve folks across the globe.

One area that our agency has had a large influence on is establishing online customer reviews in the private investigative industry. We were on the forefront of creating a respectable, digital brand over the last couple of decades with a strong focus on accumulating honest customer feedback in the form of Google Reviews. It was previously unheard of for people to post their own private matters on a public forum. We changed all that by making people feel safe and taken care of, allowing them to share their powerful stories of difficulty and perseverance. It is now standard practice for all agencies to collect consumer reviews, even though some private investigators unfortunately illicit and pay for falsified, illegitimate reviews.

Investigation Hotline encourages you to read through our more than 200 Google Reviews collected from clients over the last few decades, reflecting an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Many of our clients have considered us to be their angels and saviours when we’ve come through for them at important milestones in their lives. People’s well being is our first and foremost concern, money is a distant second. We have been known to help out people who are less fortunate, taking less for our work out of our desire to help all of our clients. Because of our compassionate approach, many of our clients come back to us time and time again, and we develop lifetime friendships with folks far and wide.

We have compiled a list of client success stories to showcase some of our work. Of course, we never disclose any personal information of any kind, so the following will be high level accounts.

  • Two females approached our investigative team after they were taken advantage of by another investigative company that we are familiar with. Before helping them with their relationship issues, we uncovered important details about how they were duped and advised them on the steps necessary to receive a refund and restitution from the organization that scammed them. We then helped them solve their original cases which involved infidelity and charged them less than the original private detective initially took from them. Our clients were very happy and we remain in touch to this day.

  • One instance involved a client and a condo on a popular Toronto street. An organization hired us to spy on their tenants with suspicion of foul play. It turned out that this business lied to us about the situation and their motivations for spying on their clients. This was a show stopper for us because Investigation Hotline only operates under the principles of complete transparency and trust! In the end, we ended up working for the tenants of the building and helped them retain over $100,000 in abatements of rent.

  • One person called us in a panic saying that someone else they knew abandoned kittens in a trunk, but had no idea where the kittens were located. Fearing for the cat’s lives, we sprung into action to locate the kittens and find them a loving home. We didn’t charge this person any money – we did it out of our love for cats and animals.

As I’m sure you’ve learned from these stories, our clients care about us and the impact we have in their lives. Our agency cherishes the great relationships and connections we’ve created in our community over the last thirty years. We do things differently and take great pride in our work. Investigation Hotline invites you to call us with whatever challenge or opportunity you are facing!