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Am I Being Followed? The Case of Julie Snyder

The Case of Julie Snyder

Have you ever felt like you were being followed? And then were able to actually confirm that it wasn’t just a passing feeling? Julie Snyder knows the feeling all too well after being able to actually confirm that it was happening.

Julie Snyder is a well known Quebec broadcaster who found out that she was being followed through the Quebec City Airport. Julie Snyder was alarmed to find out that someone had been enquiring about her.

Who is Julie Snyder?

For those who may not be familiar, Julie Snyder is a Canadian host who appears on many TV programs in both Canada and France. She’s also ex-wife to former Parti Québécois leader, Pierre Karl Peladeau. Their marriage fell apart when Peladeau decided to enter politics, so they are currently divorced and battling for child custody in Quebec’s court system.

But those were only the beginning of Julie Snyder’s court battles after her recent discovery of that she was being followed.

What Happened to Julie Snyder?

Julie Snyder learned that a person she didn’t know had been asking about her at the Quebec City Airport and was unnerved. She had a lot of questions:

  • Who is this man?
  • Why is he following me?
  • What company is he associated with?
  • Who are they representing?
  • How do I get them to stop?

With so little to go off of, being followed by this person understandably caused her a lot of stress and fear relating to safety for herself and her children.

What Were Julie Snyder’s Legal Options?

Immediately after the Quebec City Airport situation, Julie Snyder consulted her lawyer to determine how to get some answers, and to get her follower off her back. Once she learned that the man was an investigator and a representative of the company Garda, she sought to take legal action against him and his employer. Her goal was to convince the judge, Quebec Superior Court Justice Paul Mayer, to force the private investigation company to disclose who exactly was behind the surveillance attempt.

Ultimately, the court ruled in her favor. The judge ordered the private investigation company to disclose who exactly was behind the surveillance and that any continued surveillance must stop within 10 days of the ruling.

Julie Snyder’s case is extreme in many ways, and certainly atypical of most private investigations.

Confidentiality and Protection of Investigators

A professional private investigator would never have made his intentions as obvious as Julie Snyder’s follower. Private eyes must be able to perform their informational duties in a way that protects their clients from what happened in this case. In fact, if Investigation Hotline’s investigators had commissioned this assignment, it would have never reached the point of going to court.

Investigation Hotline is comprised of dedicated professionals that are committed to pursuit of fact and truth. Our mission is to provide innovative, practical and top quality service to meet our client’s needs. Our investigators are well-trained in the techniques of investigation, intelligence and forensic procedure.

If an investigation led to litigation, similar to Julie Snyder’s case, the client should think of an approach to protect the investigator’s reports from court-ordered discovery.

At Investigation Hotline, we recognize the importance of our client and investigator’s confidentiality, personal information and privacy. We highly prioritize strict safeguarding of any obtained information through all the phases of investigations within our organization. Before releasing any information, we take societal consequences into great consideration. The individual rights and obligations of both parties (client and the subject) are recognized and respected from the initial phase of contact until the end report.

If you find yourself in need of a private investigator with much more discretion than the one in Julie Snyder’s case, call us at 416-205-9114.