Missing Persons and Private Investigators

, , , | 27/02/2020

One of a private investigator’s most common type of work is locating missing persons. These cases require a significant amount of time, dedication and resources, and often times a private investigator will not rest until they locate the individual. A PI may be called in to locate next-of-kin, insurance claimants and those avoiding creditors, alimony or child support payments. A missing person may have merely moved down the street from their last known address or they may have moved across the world and changed their name. While some individuals may be harder to find than others, a PI is unlikely to turn down any challenge.

Regardless of the difficulty of the find, or the course the investigation will take, the steps a private investigator will take to locate a missing person is very similar across cases. A PI’s bread and butter in a missing persons case is someone’s name and date of birth, but the more information they are provided with, the more likely they will make a quick find. Such information may include places of employment, schools attended, previous addresses, and names and information about family members, friends and coworkers. A PI is skilled at sifting through available information and deciding what will be useful in their case.

During the course of an investigation, a private investigator will use the information provided to them by the person who is looking for the missing individual as well as information in proprietary and professional databases that are only accessible by licensed PIs. Much of a private investigator’s work is done behind a desk in these cases. If necessary, they will knock on doors and speak with family, friends, neighbours and coworkers who may have valuable information.

The history of the missing individual and the reason behind their disappearance is crucial information that can be used to locate them. The individual may be avoiding financial responsibilities, avoiding family members, have a history of illness or may even be victims of foul play. The course of the investigation will differ depending on the reason and the private investigator will use different techniques and processes. Investigation Hotline does a lot of travelling to identify and confirm missing person’s whereabouts and in a lot of family cases, we reunite the member or runaway wand provide some FaceTime providing a wellness check for our clients.

Success rates of locating missing persons are very high when involving a private investigator. Often times, a missing person is found in the most obvious of places, but sometimes they are found in jail or even in a graveyard. If you are in need of locating a missing persons, consider picking up the phone and making this valuable call.

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