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March 10, 2016

Private Investigators And Investigation Company Public And Customer Online Reviews

Why Online Reviews Are Important For Local Businesses

No matter what business you are into, if you are looking to gain an upper hand over your competitors, you should look for ways to earn the ‘trust of people’. Trust is the single most important factor that influences the purchasing decision of people and can be gained through online reviews.

Even when you are aggressively promoting your business on the Internet, when there is no credibility in your promotions, people are going to think twice about even considering your services. Fortunately, for local businesses that don’t wish to invest heavily on expensive commercials, that trust can be earned with online reviews.

A survey by SearchEngineLand discovered that 79% of people trust online reviews like personal recommendations from real friends. The Infographic below suggests that over 90% of buyers choose and read online reviews before hiring a contractor or service provider.


As a matter of fact, reviewing businesses has become a common trend among buyers. If they are happy about a product or service, they spread the word about the company on social media and online review sites, and if they are dissatisfied, they share their horror experience and caution potential buyers from choosing that company. Nevertheless, that trend may not necessarily be bad for local businesses.

At Investigation Hotline, we work hard to gain user-generated reviews and the public trust. We will follow up with our past and existing customers, and ask them to review our business on social media and online review sites such as Google Plus because there is some element of security and accountability with some of these forums making it harder to post bogus reviews as some unetical companies engage in. . We will also enquire about the things we can do to make our services even better. We participate in industry-related discussions and promote our business by answering people’s questions. We are always updating our blogs on a regular basis to keep the public informed.

In addition to offering great service, these are other methods to create a positive outlook on your company. Positive outlook and authentic feedback is what translates into credibility, and that’s what separates us from the rest.

Let’s work together to help you have peace of mind