Keep an Eye on your Partner this Valentine’s Day!

, , | 05/02/2019

This February 14th, keep a keen eye on your significant other! Research shows that cheaters love to stray from their partners on Valentine’s days, so much so that they’re willing to spend up to $250 on gift for their affair partner. Do you suspect that your partner may be cheating? If so, you’re not alone. Affairs run rampant this time of year.

Research shows the following astonishing figures:

  • 30% of cheaters stray on Valentine’s day

  • Cheaters are likely to spend the same amount of time with both their significant other and affair partner

  • 71% plan on celebrating with their affair partner by having sex

  • 73% plan to celebrate with their spouse by having dinner

For many couples, Valentine’s day is seen as a celebratory time to spend with your partner and commemorate your love. Others, unfortunately, prefer to engage in double dealing dates and step out on their committed relationships.

Research conducted by Ashley Madison suggests that 30% of cheaters will spend February 14th committing an affair. This survey was commissioned with over 2000 men and women and also found that cheaters were likely to spend nearly the same amount on gifts for their spouse and affair partner.

More than one third of all survey respondents said they’d spend between $100-$250 on both parties. Despite these similarities, there are significant differences on how this money is likely to be spent. 71% of people said they were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their affair partner through sexual intercourse while 73% said they’d spend it having dinner with their spouse. It seems that cheaters are more likely to spend money on expensive dinners with their spouse, while spending a similar amount on expenses like a hotel room with their affair partner.

Another interesting find was that over time, cheaters are spending less time with their significant others and more time committing an affair. This trend has been increasing over the last decade and is unlikely to decline any time soon.

Typically, significant others are prioritized over affair partners for special occasions and holidays. February 14th seems to be an exception to the rule. Affairs of the heart seem to lead to new, extramarital traditions that do not involve the spouse.

For many, the thrill of getting away with cheating can be an incredibly exciting event. That’s why many cheaters that believed they’d only engage in the activity once feel in love with the act and continue carrying on with the illicit behaviour. A cheater thrives on the thrill of getting away with the act and it tends to feed their narcissistic personality.

But how can you tell if you’re dating a serial cheater and a scumbag? For many narcissistic repeat offenders, it can be difficult to suspect their behaviour because they’ve had lots of practice and mastered their craft.

In many cases, a cheater will tell you that in their last relationship, their partner was insecure and jealous and after a while, these behaviours began to negatively affect the relationship. They may tell you they have friends of the opposite sex and if that’s a problem, there’s no point in continuing your relationship as they don’t want to live through the same nightmare again. Leveraging this tactic, the cheater will have a proverbial “get out of jail free card” if and when they need to use it.

Cheaters tend to be hard to identify because they’ve given their excuses and infidelious mindset a lot of thought beforehand. Even common questions like “how have you been?” and “did you have a good night?” may lead to defensiveness. They may well respond saying things like “why are you asking me and making me feel like I’ve done something wrong?” or “Where has this insecurity come from?” and refuse to answer you.

In response, you may feel guilty as if you’ve accused them of something when in fact, that wasn’t your intention at all. Over time, however, you may find more signs emerge and feel like you’re walking on eggshells. Although you may begin to suspect something isn’t right, the serial cheater may have you believing that your doubts are all in your head and that you’re threatening the longevity of a perfectly loving relationship.

Unfortunately for those affected, cheating and infidelity can have a profound and lasting negative affect on you. This Valentine’s Day, if you suspect your partner is stepping out on you, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Investigation Hotline. We can give you the truth and answers you so desperately deserve.

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