Top Tier Investigations

Top Tier Investigations, based out of Toronto, is a one-stop shop for all investigative services. We specialize in offering comprehensive investigative services to organizations, businesses, and private individuals. Our experienced and highly trained professionals leverage the latest in investigative techniques and technologies to deliver fast, accurate, and cost-effective services. We provide a variety of investigative services such as background checks, asset searches, company & financial investigations, human resource investigations, due diligence services, surveillance, missing person investigations, and more. Our clients can be confident that our services will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Whatever the case may be, we can find the answers that you need.

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MadPI Consulting & Investigations

MadPI Consulting & Investigations is our preferred partner in the Province of Quebec.
Whether you have doubts about your spouse, business partner or employee, they will cover every angle and check every corner to find the truth and will provide you with evidence either to help you move on or to take further legal actions.

Their highly professional and experienced team always delivers the best results! They are extremely well equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to handle surveillance cases, asset searches, locates, background checks, infidelity investigations, insurance, legal and corporate matters, as well as cyber investigations and TSCM.

They are well educated and comprise of multicultural and multilingual agents with various backgrounds, from law-enforcement and intelligence services to ‘lifers’ in the private investigation, security, and cyber industries.

Among other credentials, they are certified members of elite professional associations of investigators and security consultants around the world; Certified Master Investigators by the CPIO; and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, they are discreet, understand their clients’ needs, and have the best customer service. You can trust that your case will be in great hands, confidentially and professionally!

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Investigations Plus Ltd

Investigations Plus also partners with the Investigation Hotline as an expert in private investigation. Whats sets us apart is our renowned service of Counter-Surveilllance and we want you to know that you may be a victim of criminal surveillance without even knowing it… If you have any suspicions that someone might be watching you without your permission, contact us today. You have no idea how much damage can be done by unlwaful intelligence against you or your organization.

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OBN Security

OBN Security is your #1 solution for any security and investigative issue. On call as the leading expert for intelligence gathering by many international law enforcement agencies, OBN Security President and CEO Felix Valdez handles every case personally while overseeing our comprehensive team of renowned intelligence personnel across the globe. We stop at nothing when it comes to risk management, thwarting wrong-doers and always staying ten steps ahead of deceit, misconduct, fraudulence, and theft. If your troubles have not been solved by anyone else, it is probably because there was a compromise taken somewhere… Maybe your covert operations were exposed? Count on us as your undercover specialists to keep your confidential information truly “top secret.” Perhaps your surveillance team has failed to notice something important? Look no further than OBN Security for the vigilance that will keep you on top of the craftiest attempts to breach your perimeters, no matter what. Is it a problem with the integrity of your uniformed security? Rest assured that OBN Security personnel will set the bar higher than everyone else. Or is it a lack of adequate technology that has left holes in your security? Trust us, we are constantly redefining the state of the art in the high-tech spy equipment industry. Contact us today to see how we set the standard.

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Spy Depot Security Inc.

Spy Depot Security roudly provides all of your spy tech under one roof and excels in top-quality installations. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, so you can happily choose to purchase directly from our online store… but what we really suggest is that you come visit our showroom for personalized assistance as we patiently walk you through each of our display units so that you have no doubt about how we can implement your solution. We have the best of the gadgets you need, including:

  • Cameras for business and the home
  • GPS trackers for vehicles, elders, luggage, tech, pets, children’s belongings… You name it!
  • Bug Detectors
  • Audio surveillance

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Precision Institute of Protective Measures

Precision Institute of Protective Measures is an additional private investigation agency as part of Investigation Hotline’s select group of elite experts in our field. Precision Institute rounds out the full gamut of specialty security services including Close Protection, Cyber Security, K-9 Services, and International Secure Travel. Where we really shine, however, is by providing a one-of-a-kind Mentorship service that not only gets you to the bottom of the truth in your private investigations but will also coach you in emotional intelligence that will make you feel safe both mentally and physically.

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G.P. Ospreay & Associates

The Investigation Hotline would not be complete without G.P. Ospreay & Associates, the forensic document examiners team led by the acclaimed Graham Ospreay. Thanks to Graham, we can unequivocally compare and identify handwriting, hand printing and signatures; assess and identify anonymous writing; assess risk and threats regarding communication; examine altered documents and ambiguous, obliterated or deleted entries; identify mechanical stamps, impressions and seals; secure your documents; identify, research and interpret historical documents including archaeological findings; decipher encripted writings including tags and markings related to graffiti: authenticate and identifty antiques and fine art; investigate crimes related to theft of fine art; investigate and identify infringements of trademark, intellectual property and copyright; identify counterfeits of documents and product; and investigate crimes related to fraud and identity theft.

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Divorce Angels

The Divorce Angels are your one-stop-shop for all counseling related to divorce.

We will help you every step of the way… even if you just need to pour out some feelings, give us a call today.

For everything from applicable laws, financial advice, and what hapens with the custody of your children and/or pets, you can find a wealth of resources on our blog or engage in a FREE live chat session with us for more specific questions… Nothing satsifes us more than helping people get their divorce done and move on with their lives.

The Investigation Hotline has worked with us for years to get to the bottom of the truth. We are thrilled to work together and make sure that your you get what you deserve, because the Investigation Hotline misses no detail… and complete transparency is what will make sure that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is not more prepared than you are. Contact us today!

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