Private Investigation and Divorce

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Leaning into the topic at hand, divorce can be one of the most difficult and emotional situations a person can experience. Heartbreak, disappointment, anxiety and stress are all emotions commonly felt by individuals going through divorce proceedings, which can cloud judgment and impair them from being able to collect all of the facts needed to support their case. These situations become even more difficult when there are children involved. When a couple getting divorced have children, the situation becomes legally more complicated and there is inherently more at stake.

Private Investigators (PI) are commonly called upon during divorce proceedings by parties looking to secure evidence against their partner in their settlement. They utilize sophisticated tools including surveillance techniques, data analysis and interviewing witnesses to discreetly and professionally build a case. Some of the most common reasons you may want to consider hiring a private investigator during your divorce include the following:

  1. Private investigators are skilled and trained in collecting evidence both efficiently and legally so that any evidence collected may be used by an attorney in the divorce case. If evidence is collected outside of the parameters of the law, it becomes inadmissible in court and can be very damaging to someone’s case.

  2. Private investigators are skilled in finding evidence of infidelity and adultery, which can help build a case of misconduct or nullify parameters of a prenuptial agreement (if present).

  3. A private investigator is skilled in conducting asset research, which involves investigating what the other party is actually worth. This is very important during divorce proceedings in which monetary settlements are reached (i.e. alimony and child support). If one party is trying to disguise their earnings or their worth to minimize damages during divorce court, a private investigator will be able to track payments, loans, databases, etc. in order to determine if there are any hidden assets.

  4. Private investigators are capable of investigating the suitability of the accused party as a parent. If one of the parties is seeking sole custody of their child, they must have concrete reasoning behind their partner’s incapability of providing a safe and suitable home for their children. A private investigator can gather evidence of mistreatment, neglect, alcoholism of the parent and other reasoning that would make them ill fit to raise a child, providing proof that one parent is more suitable than the other in a court of law.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of going through a divorce, consider hiring a private investigator to support your case. While you are going through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce, let a private investigator take the reins and ensure that you come out of it in the best shape possible.