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Professions Most Likely to Cheat

Being the victim of an unfaithful partner is difficult. It’s emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically and financially damaging. We ponder why people cheat, what precipitates cheating and what signs to keep an eye out for that indicate our partner is cheating. We look at the differences between men and women who cheat, different age groups, different cultures and countries, but did you know that some studies have looked at what professions are more likely to cheat? Did you know that some careers statistically indicate a higher possibility of infidelity?

Websites like Ashley Madison are a good demonstration that many people have difficulties balancing their careers and their relationships. Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating website for people who are married or are in relationships. The following professions have presented most commonly on this website, suggesting that profession or occupation could have something to do with why someone may cheat. Note: Investigation Hotline has no association with Ashley Madison. We pulled this data from a number of different online sources.

1) Trades. The #1 profession for male infidelity are plumbers, electricians, etc. 29% of male cheaters on this website are in one of these fields, the largest cohort of cheaters on the website. Alternatively, only 4% of female cheaters are in the trades.

2) Medical professions. The most notorious profession for female cheaters are medical occupations, including doctors, nurses, orderlies and personal support workers. 23% of women on Ashley Madison are in a similar profession, suggesting that long hours and high stress could play a part in someone’s decision to cheat. Alternatively, only 5% of men indicate they are doctors.

3) Entrepreneurs. Perhaps it’s the power, perhaps it’s the autonomy, but entrepreneurs are the third most popular career for people who cheat (11% of women and 11% of men).

4) Information technology. Perhaps surprisingly, 12% of men and 8% of women on Ashley Madison are in the information technology field. This is the second largest cohort of men and the seventh largest cohort of women. Perhaps IT professionals aren’t as shy are we stereotypically presume.

5) Retail and hospitality. 9% of unfaithful women and 8% of unfaithful men indicate participation in retail and hospitality occupations. In the top five unfaithful professions, service workers have a very high rate of divorce. Could it be the long hours and the chaos of dealing with the public?

Alternatively, professions that popped up infrequently on Ashley Madison include politics, real estate, insurance and agriculture professionals. There are, of course, many other people from professions who cheat.

While someone’s profession is in no way a reason to avoid starting a relationship with them, if you begin to notice signs that suggest they may be cheating, don’t be too surprised if they are in one of the occupations mentioned above. If you suspect that your partner may be unfaithful, contact Investigation Hotline and speak with an expert who can get to the bottom of it.

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