Cheating Partners

Our private investigators know how to catch a cheating partner/spouse and provide clear and indisputable proof to any suspected ongoing activities. Whether you are noticing small changes in your partner’s behavior or if there are more obvious alterations in mood that have caused you to be suspicious, you will want to know exactly what the cause of the changes are. If you are concerned that you have a cheating partner or cheating spouse or concerned that a potential partner or friend has been lying about themselves and/or their background, we are able to uncover the truth behind the person. Areas of interest can include: relationships, criminal backgrounds, children, bad debts, amongst others.

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21st Century Technology enables us to utilize social media and online dating sites to gain valuable information

Our investigation includes: vehicle tracking, data forensics, tracing and covert surveillance. The evidence we submit will be admissible in a court should litigation be necessary to protect your interests and children and loved ones.

We fully appreciate that instructing a Private Investigator to “surveil” a loved one is a very hard choice to make, but living with doubt, uncertainty and anxiety can be far worse.

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